Ado, who participated in Kouhaku as an anime character, has a fair face and an atmosphere like Yurina Hirate.

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Speaking of the “face” of the music world in 2022, the name “Ado” will be the first to come up. The animation movie” ONE PIECE FILM RED” theme song “New Era” became an explosive hit both in Japan and overseas. 1st place in Billboard Japan’s annual artist ranking. Finally, it was decided to participate in the Kouhaku Uta Gassen as the anime character Uta.

“It’s the first time in history that I appear as an anime character. Anyway, I’m attracting a lot of attention to what kind of performance it will be.” matter. Ever since she was a junior high school student, when she posted on video sites as a “singer,” she has always been a masked singer who never “appears.”

A singer is an amateur who sings and posts an artist’s song, and most do not reveal their face or name. Music Magazine Writer) Ado’s talent was discovered on the Internet, but at first, he recorded the songs he provided himself in a closet at home that had been cushioned and soundproofed. Her activities caught the attention of her major record company, and she will make her major debut in 2020 with her “Usseewa.”

“The president of the company she belongs to is an influential person who has supported the breakthrough of the masked vocal group ‘GReeeeN.’ She is perfect for managing her. I’m studying.” (Record company official) While she keeps a mask, she is said to be a friendly woman.

“There is a funny episode that when I was asked about a tie-up song for ONE PIECE, I misunderstood it as a piece of clothing . I was showing my face to “(entertainment officials). But the natural look has been witnessed at a live performance. “During their life, she sings on stage.

The lights are turned off so that her face cannot be seen, but some of the audience in the front row say, ‘I can see her face now! There seems to be a moment when. (21 years old).” (Another entertainment official) We plan to perform in Osaka at the end of 2022 and in Tokyo at the beginning of the year. Are there any surprises? * Female Seven January 5 and 12, 2023 issue

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