Under the masterpiece chair on the cover of the ‘SPY x FAMILY’ book, what is the hidden secret of each character?

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Even if you sit in a fashionable chair and dress up, is there a secret behind your feet?

The famous work “SPY x FAMILY,” which has also been decided to produce the second cool TV anime, is steadily increasing its sales in comics. The cover of the “SPY x FAMILY” book is simple and fashionable, with characters such as Lloyd and Anya sitting in a masterpiece chair. In addition, the chair fits the atmosphere of each character and is attractive.

Sitting in the rational design “LC2 Black” made by architect Le Corbusier is Lloyd Forger, who also has a sensible thinking circuit like a spy, the history of the chair and each character’s It’s interesting to compare personalities, but what I’d like to pay attention to this time is the “thing under the chair.”

For example, if you look at the cover of Volume 1, you can see that things related to the spy’s duties, such as binoculars, photographs, ammunition, bags, and documents, are hidden under the chair. In addition, there is dripping blood (killer) under Yor’s chair on the cover of Volume 3. Handcuffs, pistols, items like eavesdroppers (secret police) under Yuri’s chair on the surface of Volume 5. , Volume 8 Frankie’s feet include keys, bills, and negatives (information stores in the underworld). Many Spy x Family characters live daily while hiding their true identity, and what is hidden at the feet of the character symbolizes their actual appearance.

Also, nothing is drawn at the feet of Anya in Volume 2. She doesn’t hide because her esper abilities aren’t visible to her, but with the “Chimera Secretary” next to her, she’s not just a girl. It seems to be doing.

By the way, the white dog sitting on the four-volume ball chair has not yet appeared in the TV animation, but this dog, which will be the new family of the Forger family, also has a hidden secret: on the TV behind. It is related.

In addition, in the 7th volume Damian, which has already been displayed on the cover, has many toys behind the chair, and in the 9th volume, Becky has girlish fashion goods scattered around his feet. If these also make any sense, what exactly is that?
I’m looking forward to future developments.

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