ALTERGEAR’s new work ‘Koukai Tenki’ official website released!

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Idea Factory Co., Ltd.’s game brand “ALTERGEAR”, which focuses on friendships and bonds, has released the official website of its latest work, “Koukai Tenki.”

Idea Factory Co., Ltd. (President: Yoshiteru Sato / Location: Toshima-Ku, Tokyo) has released the official website of its latest work, “Koukai Tenki,” which is a game brand that focuses on friendships and bonds.

Bring back the light to Wanokuni with the power of bonds.

This work is the first game brand, “ALTERGEAR”, that focuses on friendship and bonds and depicts the story of boys’ bonds.
Starting with the 2021 stage, “Amatsuki Tenki-Introduction-Amatsuki, Falling in the Darkness-“, we focused on the hero who crossed the sea and moved on the sea in the era of world war called “Wanokuni”. However, we aim to create works with the themes of their growth, friendship, and bonds.

Toei Animation and 81 for the original and draft, famous illustrator “Eita” who captivates many female fans for the main character design, scenario writer “Nakajo Rosa” who has worked on the script of various works, animation theme song provided A lot of gorgeous creators such as the artist “GARNiDELiA” … will join hands to deliver.

In addition to the story and character information of this work being released on the official website.

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