‘Unwanted immortal adventurer’ aiming for humans from skeleton decided to make a TV animation

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It has been decided to make a TV animation of the light novel “Unwanted Immortal Adventurer”. At the same time, the PV decided to be animated is also shown.

This work gained popularity on the novel posting site “Let’s become a novelist”, and the cumulative circulation of books has exceeded 1.4 million. Rent, a spilled adventurer eaten by a dragon and lost his life, awakens as the weakest skeleton. Rent begins her new adventure with her companions to return to humans with the “evolution of existence” nature of the demons that have undergone her experience.

The full comment by the original author, Yu Okano, is as follows.

I am glad that the “Unwanted Immortal Adventurer” has been animated!

Rent moves! Every time materials are sent, I’m excited, and I’m looking forward to the characters starting to move! I’m sure everyone will enjoy it too!

We look forward to your continued support of “Unwanted Immortal Adventurers”!

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