Theatrical animation ‘Goodbye, Don Gries!’ Manga version presented by ‘A Place Further than the Universe’ staff

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Shinki’s book “Goodbye, Don Gries!” It was released today on February 18th. This is a comicalized work of the theatrical animation “Goodbye, Don Gries!” by “A Place Further Than the Universe” staff directed by Atsuko Ishizuka.

Roma is a boy who lives in a rural town a little away from Tokyo. Unable to fit in with his classmates, he forms a team of just two, “Don Gries,” with Toto, also a floating figure.

The relationship continued even when Toto went on to high school in Tokyo, and the two were separated. The story begins a big move during the summer vacation of the first year of high school when a boy who dropped out from Iceland joined such a team. It was serialized in Monthly Comic Gene (KADOKAWA).

The theatrical animation “Goodbye, Don Gries!” It is being released nationwide from today.

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