‘An important work that snuggled up with Corona.’ Enthusiastic about your favorite manga, drama, and anime

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ASCA is excited about the theme song remix ver.MV of the drama “Omameda Towako”! ” Takako MatsuIs so beautiful! (ASIA) On the morning of June 23, singer-songwriter ASCA will appear on the InterFM information program “MUSIClock,” which specializes in music and entertainment, as a Wednesday charge for GUEST MUSIC BROADCASTER (monthly corner DJ) in June.

“In such an era, it’s hard to go to the site for a release event,” said ASCA, who regularly holds one-on-one “online individual talks” exclusively for fan club members. “The time of 40 seconds per person is exquisite, and I can do something like a secret story. I was surprised when I was told,’ I started to keep a rabbit. Please give me a name.’ It was pure white and fluffy, so I was surprised. I answered, “Ma, marshmallow!”, “He said happily about the episode at the online event.

In the corner that provides the latest music information, from the news that YOASOBI’s song “Kaibutsu” (TV animation “BEASTARS” 2nd OP) has exceeded 100 million views on YouTube when the topic extends to manga, I love ” Regarding “Attack on Titan,” it was nice that the meaning was overturned like “(Reading up to the final story)” Attack on Titan “meant like this! The main character, Ellen, has her own. It was fantastic to pierce things.

It had a significant influence on me. I want to thank Mr. (Isashiyama) for drawing! ” Furthermore, by reading the news by himself, the album “Presence” of STUTS & Takako Matsu with 3exes was released today, “Presence” remix ver. When I introduced the news that the music video for the music video was also released, ASCA was excited, saying, “I watched the music video!” Regarding the theme song “Presence,” “Omameda Towako and the three ex-husbands,” “It was a great drama again! It’s a story, but the ED is updated every time, and the lyrics change each time. It’s said that all the rappers who came out will gather in the MV. It’s impressive, this amount of heat (laughs) “, a significant heat valve that I point out myself. “MV is so beautiful that Takako Matsu is sad! At the lyrics, that opener. Osomatsu laughs softly, but that’s wonderful !! I thought he was a cool woman and a wonderful actress.

” Yanaka also enthusiastically said, “It was good! It was a crucial role like a spice.” In the latter half of the program, he received the topic that the anime “The World Ends with You,” whose ED theme was his song “Calpediem,” will reach its final episode. I’m sad because I was looking forward to it, “said ASCA. After playing the original game and understanding the story, I was wondering, “When it comes to anime, the battle scene becomes so flashy,” or “How does the main character, Nek, grow?” It was an important work that has always been close to me because of the corona wreckage, “he said. Nogizaka46, whose members appear weekly, is in charge of Thursday at GUEST MUSIC BROADCASTER (Monthly Corner DJ) in June. Haruka Kaki will be on air tomorrow, June 24. Has been announced. InterFM “MUSIClock,” which is also a hot topic in the audition program “THE FIRST TAKE STAGE,” where the one-shot YouTube channel “THE FIRST TAKE” searches for the next talent, can be viewed on the radio for a week after the broadcast.

The corner that provides the latest music information has been broadcast since about 8:15. Program information InterFM897 “MUSIClock” Every Monday-Thursday 07: 30-08: 50 Broadcast area: Metropolitan area DJ: Rena Hirai MUSIC BROADCASTER: Ami Yamazaki June GUEST MUSIC BROADCASTER: Mon: Atsushi Yanaka (Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra) Tue: Ishizaki Hyui Water: ASCA Thu: Nogisaka 46 radio * Broadcast on June 23 (Wednesday)

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