Anime and Manga Museum Born in Hangzhou, China A symbol of the rapidly growing Chinese anime industry.

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The “Chinese Anime and Manga Museum,” which introduces the history of Chinese anime and manga to the latest video technology, opened in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China, on June 26th. The Chinese media calls it the “Museum of National Characters (National Endorsement)” and is likely to become a symbol of the rapidly growing Chinese animation industry.

The appearance of white peanuts is inspired by “Medetai Cloud,” and it is a massive facility with a total floor area of ​​about 30,000 square meters. Four permanent exhibition halls are set up to explain Chinese animation and manga history, industrial development, and prospects. In China, anime and manga are collectively referred to as “moving” and often refer to anime. In the history exhibition, materials from China’s first feature-length animated film, “Princess Iron Fan,” released in 1941, will be exhibited. In Japan, ” Journey to the West is published in the name of winding of Princess Iron Fan,” a student Osamu Tezuka Mr. (Osamu Tezuka) is known by impressed. A nostalgic anime for Chinese people released in the 1980s, ” Black Cat “There was also an introduction of “The Police Department,” “The Monkey Scooping the Moon,” and “Three People’s Osho,” and when Mr. Tezuka visited China, Son Goku, and Astro Boy, who drew with famous anime film director Yan Dingxian, You can also see the illustrations of shaking hands. In the latest technology exhibition, many anime works are lined up like soap bubbles on a large panel, and there is a corner where the results expand when visitors touch them. Many visitors are crazy about the game experience with virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) goggles and the 5D theater to feel the vibration and wind. Hangzhou is a digitally advanced city based in NetEase, which operates popular games such as Alibaba Group and Wilderness Action. Since 2005, it has held the “China International Anime and Manga Festival” every year and has been focusing on promoting the anime industry.

Japanese and Western anime and manga-related companies have gathered at this largest anime fair in China, and high-priced business talks have been concluded. The new museum is expected to become a symbol of “Anime City Hangzhou.” In China, the Japanese animation “Ikkyu-san” became very popular in the olden days, and “Saint Seiya” and “SLAM DUNK” also gained popularity. In recent years, due to fostering domestic animation, Japanese animation is rarely broadcast on TV.

The movie “Detective Conan” and “Doraemon” series are still popular in China. Still, in 2019, the anime “哪吒” is a bold arrangement of Chinese classics.”Ne Zha” (English title: Ne Zha) shined at No. 1 in the movie box office record of the same year, and the animation “self-sufficiency” is progressing. Chinese animation is also focusing on overseas expansion, and Chinese animation will be broadcast in Japan, such as the Chinese energy “Fox Spirit Matchmaker” being posted on TOKYO MX in 2017. The birth of one of the largest anime and manga museums in China seems to represent the advancement of the Chinese anime industry. (C) Toho Shinpo / AFPBB News * “Toho Shinpo” was published in Japan in 1995. It is a Chinese newspaper that was first published in.

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