Anime disappointing final ranking, immortal masterpiece ranked 2nd as ‘the end is too bad.’

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The romantic comedy of Ram, a demon girl from outer space, and Ataru Moroboshi, a useless high school boy, is back! New animation for the first time in 36 years, with new voice actors, will start broadcasting from the 13th.

The ranking table is cheering, but the final episode of the anime in 1986 was very unpopular. Television stations were flooded with complaints over the phone, and even fans still say, “It was so bad.” Unfortunately, Urusei Yatsura isn’t the only anime with a disappointing finale.

When we conducted a questionnaire with our readers, we received a series of voices saying, “I’m still confused…” for various works.

Shigeru Ohno, a professor at the Faculty of International Communication at Hannan University, said, “Even for anime that are considered masterpieces, the final episode can end up being disappointing for various reasons.” teacher. So why was the disappointing final episode born?

“Neon Genesis Evangelion” 234 votes

far ahead of the other works, was “Neon Genesis Evangelion”, written and directed by Hideaki Anno. The story of boys and girls fighting shortly has become a social phenomenon. “It ended in such a way that the viewers could throw it all out.” (Kyoto Prefecture, Female, 36 years old).

“It’s a pity that ‘Nadia of the Sea of ​​Wonders’ ended perfectly even with the same director, Anno.” (Saitama Prefecture, Female, 45 years old). “In the final episode, Shinji was surrounded by many friends, including Rei and Gendou, and in the middle of the conversation, they suddenly clapped, congratulations! Is it auspicious or meaningless?” (Fukuoka Prefecture, male, 55 years old). “At the time, as the broadcast progressed, director Anno had a mental breakdown.

The story was so complex that the viewers were confused.” (Professor Ohno) It is scarce for the final episode to be disappointing because of the author’s mental state. “Even the director probably didn’t want it to end like this. After the end of the TV anime, the theatrical version was released many times, and last year’s “Shin Evangelion Theatrical Version” finally reached the true ending. (Professor Ohno) This work alone, which became the final version, exceeded 10 billion yen in box office revenue!

“A Dog of Flanders” 146 votes

“A Dog of Flanders”. One of the “World Masterpiece Theater” series was produced by Nippon Animation and broadcast in 1975. “It’s too bad that Nero, who was still a child and had a lot of hardships, died at the end.” (Saitama prefecture, female, 46 years old) (Miyagi Prefecture, male, 54 years old). Most of the opinions lament the sad ending.

“Just because it’s a story for children, should it always end with a happy ending? I’m very concerned about this kind of trend in American Disney works.” (Professor Ohno) Many stories from long ago did not necessarily end with “Happily, Happy”.

“This work has been done into a film in the United States, but for some reason, Nero comes back to life at the end and ends with a happy ending.” (Professor Ohno). “Life is something that you can’t just leave to your heart’s content.

This story teaches children that. That last scene is probably why it became a masterpiece that will go down in history.”, Mr Ohno. Opinions lamenting that it didn’t have a happy ending were also seen in “Sailor Moon”, which ranked 5th, “The Rose of Versailles”, which ranked 7th, and “Magic Princess’s Minky Momo”, which was not indexed. “As you can see from this result, stories with sad and bitter endings remain in people’s minds for longer. )

“Urusei Yatsura” 92 votes

“Urusei Yatsura”. Rumiko Takahashi began serialization in Weekly Shonen Sunday (Shogakukan) in 1980. The original was a big hit.

The following year, it was made into an anime, and the broadcast continued for about five years. “A missile exploded, and at the end, all sorts of characters fluttered out.” (Kanagawa Prefecture, female, 49 years old). “I wanted it to end with a love scene between the two. The final episode. We don’t need noisy slapstick dramas.”

“The biggest reason for the disappointing final episode is the pattern in which the original serialization and the anime are broadcast in parallel. This work is the same.” (Professor Ohno) The broadcast ended before the series reached its final episode.

In other words, since the last episode does not yet exist in the original work, it was necessary to create an original story for the anime version. “With Takahashi-sensei’s original serialization continuing, we can’t let the story of Ram and Hitaru end on its own in the anime version. Not limited to this work, if the anime had to end while the original was being serialized, it would have tended to be an unnatural final episode.”

(Professor Ohno) It was announced the year after the final edition. Completely different from the anime, the heart-pounding last scene with a high degree of perfection is still a legend. By the way, the final episode of this manga version is the movie version, “Urusei Yatsura” It is animated in the last version. As a fan, you’ll want this to be the actual finale. According to Ohno-sensei, about two-thirds or more of anime works are “original”. Rather than an original story, it is less risky to animate an already-hit original work. “Recently, when an anime is aired in parallel with the original serialization, it is often divided into ‘seasons’ until the story is settled, instead of forcibly ending it. Even if the series continues for a long time, it is easier to manage if it is divided into seasons. The number of “ends with” has decreased.

This time’s rankings are all works that are over 20 years old. Since the broadcast plans of recent anime have been elaborated, the probability of a disappointing final episode is increasing. It will get even lower.” (Professor Ohno) What kind of ending will the Reiwa version of Urusei Yatsura have?

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