‘Yurucamp’ x Forestry Agency! ‘Ichioshi no Mori & Camp BOOK’

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The TV animation “Yurukan △” series is a guidebook “Japan Beauty Forest” that collaborates with the Forestry Agency (in the future referred to as “collaboration”) to provide information on the charm of national forests and campsites in them to a wide range of age groups in an easy-to-understand manner. “Recommended National Forest Ichioshi no Mori & Camp BOOK” has been created.

The TV animation “Yurucamp △” series is a popular work that loosely depicts high school girls camping and living their daily lives in Yamanashi Prefecture. Based on Afro’s manga of the same name, the total number of original comics has exceeded 5 million. The first season of TV animation will be aired from January 2018, the short animation “Heya Can △” will be aired in January 2020, and “Yuru Can △ SEASON 2” will be aired from January 2021. The movie will be released in 2022.

This time, a collaboration between this series, which is gaining support from a wide range of people such as camp fans and original and anime fans, and the Forestry Agency, which protects, grows, and uses national forests, has been realized! Through the collaboration, we aim to attract those who have not been very interested in forests and outdoor activities.

The cover design of the guidebook is drawn down to show how the main characters in this series enjoy camping in the beautiful forest. In addition, the contents include information on the campsite in “Japan Beauty Forest Recommended National Forest,” mountain climbing, hot springs, surrounding attractions, rules and manners in the forest, etc., a mini-guide that you can carry around. It can also be used as a book.

This guidebook can be downloaded from the Forestry Agency website on Thursday, July 15, and distributed free of charge at event venues where the Forestry Agency participates and outdoor equipment stores nationwide from early August. The exact distribution time and location will be announced on the download page as soon as it is decided.

See the guidebook cover and “Yurucamp △” series visuals (2 photos)

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