The representative of the BTS agency said, ‘An alternative to suspending the activities of BTS as a whole is.’

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How will the game of the K-pop market change during the period of BTS as a whole? The first clue to him may lie in the next move of the agency they were involved in.

On the 17th, it was confirmed that the representative of BTS’ agency Hive Park Ji-won sent an in-house e-mail addressing the commotion of the employees. But unfortunately, it was right after the members announced their plans to enlist in the military through a dart announcement.

CEO Park said, “I am sending this e-mail after a lot of thought about how to explain. He continued, “The company and its members hope to resume their activities as a full group around 2025.” Furthermore, he said that he would solve the military service problem of the members by 2025.

CEO Park also expressed BTS as “a 21st-century pop icon and a global superstar” and their decision to enlist in the military as “to take a moment to pause on the long and glorious journey of BTS” and “We (Hive) are truly the leader of the music industry.” We can be proud of having shaken the paradigm itself,” he emphasized. “It has been expanding and growing at an amazing speed by materializing multi-label, multi-artist, solution, original IP, game, and fandom platforms.”

In addition, “The market asks us questions centered on BTS, but we are a ‘global entertainment lifestyle platform company.’ “I don’t think it’s an appropriate question, at least within us.” However, he added, “We already have a solid K-pop portfolio such as Seventeen, Fromis 9, Tomorrow X Together, N Hyphen, Le Seraphim, New Jeans, and Zico.” In a letter to shareholders sent on the 17th, CEO Park also explained, “Next year, we will introduce more than four teams to the world.”

In addition, CEO Park mentioned games using his IP, such as &TEAM, Hive America, and ‘In the Island with BTS,’ which are about to debut in Hive Japan, Japan, and webtoons as his competence. Regarding We Bus, his fan platform community, he revealed his plan to “enter the Japanese and American artists in earnest from the end of this year.”

Hello, my name is Jiwon Park.

After much deliberation on how to explain this to the members, I am sending this e-mail.

The company embarked on specific preparations for fulfilling military service obligations for BTS, an artist of Big Hit Music.

Member Jin, who will soon be carrying out individual activities, plans to apply for cancellation of enlistment at the end of October when his actions are over.

After that, the enlistment-related procedures of the Military Manpower Administration will be followed.

The other members will also perform their military service sequentially according to their plans.

In the process of discussing with the artists, we have been thinking about the timing of the external announcement from various angles,

Ultimately, we decided that now was the most appropriate time for the Busan concert to be over.

The company and its members hope to resume activities as a whole around 2025,

For the time being, we plan to focus on individual activities with each member’s military service implementation plan.

Just as we always looked back on our original intentions whenever our company had fundamental concerns, this time, we will also look back on our original intentions.

From its establishment, Hive has made it it’s core business to discover great artists and grow with them.

The company’s mission is to become a company that changes the paradigm of the music industry itself.

And, from 2019, we started actively promoting the company to the outside.

Until now, when we decided to take a break from the glorious long journey of BTS,

Together, we have created impressive achievements that amaze the world.

We can be proud that we really shook the music industry paradigm.

Changing the industry’s paradigm was the will from the beginning to reach global fans with various artists, content, and services.

To this end, we have expanded and grown astonishingly by materializing multi-label, multi-artist, solution, original IP, game, and fandom platforms.

In the process, last year, we got a new name, Hive,

The company’s vision of a ‘global entertainment lifestyle platform’ has been clarified further.

In this way, we have constantly been preparing for the future, and since our establishment, we have never lost direction.

Therefore, from the perspective of corporate performance, the question ‘What is the alternative to the temporary suspension of BTS’ activities as a whole?’

I don’t think it’s an appropriate question, at least within us.

The market asks us questions centered on BTS, but

Under the consistent goal of being a ‘global entertainment lifestyle platform company,’ we simultaneously support artists’ growth without negligence.

We have always thought holistically about what content, service, and experience we can provide to our fans and have been searching for answers and implementing them.

Because we will never stop doing this.

We already have Seventeen, Fromis 9, Tomorrow X Together, Nhyphen, Le Seraphim, New Genes,

And we have a solid K-pop portfolio, including Zico, who has resumed his activities in earnest.

Also, in Japan, &TEAM, which has been prepared with Hive Japan’s capabilities, is about to debut.

Hive America also has the world’s best artists as its client lineup.

We launched the world’s first fandom platform, Reverse, and are now growing into the world’s best fandom platform in name and reality.

Starting from the end of this year, Japanese and American artists will enter stores earnestly, expanding their influence in all directions.

The game ‘In the Island with BTS’ launched this year, has been a remarkable success in the fandom and the game industry.

We plan to secure IPs with significant influence in the game industry through our production and publishing business.

According to the business plan, OSB is also rapidly establishing itself in the webtoon industry while providing fans with a new experience related to artists.

So our question should change like this.

‘How to effectively support great artists in the global multi-label system,

How to solve the hidden needs and inconveniences of the global fandom,

How to develop new and diverse IPs and present customized content and services;

What should the platform, the basis for growing all these things into a global service, look like?’

As we have done so far, we do not settle for the present, do not compromise in moderation,

The process of moving forward without hesitation and finding answers will be the future of Hive.

Of course, there may be difficulties. It would be great if all our attempts were successful, but

If you go on a road that no one has gone before, there will be trial and error.

Yet we are already the best in the world.

Beyond innovation in the industry, we also have great plans for the next leap forward.

In the process of sequentially realizing these plans, we share the company’s achievements and directions with our members.

Together, we will achieve the next of Hive.

Despite the frequently changing work environment and the rapidly changing market conditions,

Some members keep high standards without compromising in their respective positions.

I think there is a hive of the day.

The 21st-century pop icon and global superstar BTS brought us this far by borrowing this space.

Once again, thank you very much for your hard work.

Because of BTS, our start and challenge were possible,

Today’s Hive was possible thanks to your hard work at every step of the growth process.

And now, we are about to take another leap forward, and we will continue the ongoing evolution of Hive.

Pray that the remaining year and the next 23 years will be a new chapter for all of us and a time to prepare for another history.

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