Eve to release new EP ‘Bokurano.’

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Eve has announced that she will release her new EP, Bokura no, on March 22. The EP includes “Bokurano,” which is used as the opening theme for the 2nd season of the 6th season of the TV anime “My Hero Academia,” “Shirayuki,” the theme song for the movie “Black Night Parade, “and Morinaga Seika’s “Exam.” ni in Jelly 2023″ TV-CM tie-up song “Golden Days” plus one unreleased new recording, all four songs will be recorded.

The package is a “Regular Edition” with a CD only, a “First Press Limited Edition” with a Blu-ray Disc, and a “Hiroaka. “There are three types of editions: edition and limited-time production specification,” and the “first production limited edition” includes the video distributed on the official YouTube channel in December 2022.

“My Hero” “Academia” 6th season 2nd season’s newly drawn illustration decorates the jacket “Hiroaka edition / limited production specification,” which includes the non-credit opening video of the anime, the music video of “Shirayuki,” and a sticker.

The “regular edition” and “first press limited edition” jackets featuring Kukka’s illustrations have been released along with the announcement of the release. Details of the work can be found on the unique website. New EP “Bokura no” Released on March 22, 2023 (Wednesday) First production limited edition TFCC-89761~89762 ¥ 3,300 (tax excluded ¥ 3,000) * CD + Blu-ray (Blu-ray content: #Eve day) Xmas Live video) *Special sleeve specification Hiroaka Edition/Limited time production specification TFCC-89763~89764 ¥2,200 (¥2,000 excluding tax) *CD+Blu-ray *Attached benefits: “My Hero Academia” 6th Season 2nd Cool Non-Credit Opening PV / “Shirayuki” Music Video / Mini Jacket Sticker [Normal Edition] TFCC-89765 ¥1,650 (¥1,500 excluding tax) *CD Only CD Contents (typical to all formats): Bokura no Shirayuki Golden days 1 other song * All four songs included, songs Order undecided reservation link: https://tf.lnk.to/Bokurano_EP ▼ Early reservation benefits for all corporations: “Bokurano” Music Video + “Bokurano” original sticker Target period: February 19, 2023 (Sunday) ) twenty-three: For those who made a reservation by 59 * Benefits will be delivered at the same time as the product. * “Bokura no” MV will be distributed on Blu-ray. *Some stores are not eligible. Please get in touch with each store directly for the availability of benefits. ▼ Reservation/purchaser benefits by store Original benefits will be presented on a first-come-first-served basis to those who make a reservation or purchase at the following shops.

The benefits will end as soon as the number runs out. * The contents of the benefits differ for each shop. * The design of the benefits may be partially changed. Amazon.co.jp: Mega Jacket Rakuten Books: Compact Mirror Seven Net Shopping: Mobile Stand Keychain Animate / Animate Mail Order: Clear Pouch TOWER RECORDS / TOWER RECORDS ONLINE * Excluding some stores: Rubber Band TSUTAYA RECORDS / TSUTAYA Online Shopping * Some Excluding stores: A4 transparent file HMV /HMV&BOOKS online * Excluding some stores: Can Badge Village Vanguard / VVSTORES * Excluding some stores: “Bocchi Radio 6” original card support shop: Double-sided poster (B3 size) * Front is regular edition jacket design, back side is the jacket design of the Hiroaka board. * The stores eligible for the above original benefits are not eligible. * Supporting stores will be announced at a later date. *Some stores are not eligible. Please get in touch with each store directly for inquiries regarding the availability of benefits.

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