Anime ‘The Executioner and the Way of Life’ to be broadcast next year Teaser visual, central staff released.

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At the 11th GA Bunko Awards, the animation of the grand prize-winning work “The Executioner’s Way of Living (Virgin Road)” for the first time in seven years since the blockbuster work “Is It Wrong to Seek a Dungeon?” It is decided that it will be broadcast on. On the 15th, the central staff and teaser visuals were released.

It is a story about the “lost person” who once caused a catastrophe in the world and the “executioner” who kills the “lost person” to prevent their runaway. A new adventure tan spun by the “executioner” girl, Agate, is trying to be pure, correct, and vital for the world, and the innocent “lost person” girl, Akari, who has special abilities.

Iori Saeki will play the role of Agate, and Moeka Kishimoto will play the role of Akari. In addition, the staff members are character draft / Niritsu, director / Yoshiki Kawasaki, series composition / Shogo Yasukawa, character design / Keiko Tamaki, sound director / Jin Aketagawa, music / unknown Rui, produced / EGG FIRM / SB creative, animation production / JCSTAFF. Send.

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