Anime vs. Real Life: The Beautiful Locations of Your lie in April

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It’s April, and that consistently implies a certain something: the beginning of another anime season! Thus far it’s been looking encouraging with exceptionally foreseen shows like Tower of God, and excellent shocks like SING “YESTERDAY” FOR ME, just as a few prominent proceeding with an arrangement. Also, as usual, I’m as of now anticipating all the new genuine areas we’ll be getting the opportunity to see and investigate this season, yet while all the flow shows are as yet getting off the beginning squares, why not utilize this opportunity and investigate a more established title right now Anime versus Reality? Also, I think I have recently the one for the beginning of this current month: Your lie in April!

It certainly isn’t a lie in April, that Your lie in April is a totally delightful show. The anime’s deplorable story, just as its insightful score is without a doubt the show’s most noteworthy qualities, yet its lavish, pastel-shaded outside foundation shots are likewise a seriously incredible sight. So it unquestionably was high-time for the show to get some inclusion in my section, and during my visit to Japan a month ago, I, at last, had the opportunity to take a few pictures. So right now, a potential second one, we should investigate a portion of the show’s key areas!

So how about we start where the occasions in the anime kick-off, the Towa Hall, which is the Nerima Culture Center, all things considered. The corridor is slightly north of Nerima Station, situated in the west of Tokyo, where you’ll discover the entirety of the anime’s areas. The Nerima Culture Center serves as a traditional music setting, in actuality, too.

In the first episode, Kosei should get together with Tsubaki at the social community for a twofold date, which was really set up for his companion Ryota.

In any case, while Kosei was trusting that his companions will show up, he gets spellbound by a young lady playing a melodica while kids, winged animals, and cherry blooms the same apparently move around her. It’s a lovely scene all around, yet it has a significant imperfection. The strange igloo-like structure really doesn’t exist, in actuality; indeed, there isn’t even a play area by any stretch of the imagination.

Be that as it may, the surrounding structures and the outside of the Nerima Culture Center coordinate pleasantly.

Yet, on the other hand, even the elephant slide is absent…

We should proceed onward to the following area, which is the Doryo Bridge, really called Maedori Bridge, all things considered. The little person on foot connect is genuinely difficult to reach to be straightforward, with the closest station being Hibarigaoka Station, which is half an hour walk away from the bridge.

The bridge gets indicated a few times all through the show, and can even be seen in the opening and ending sequences.

It’s additionally a similar scaffold where Kosei haphazardly experiences Kaori after she was hospitalized. In the scene, Kaori urges Kosei to at long last enter another melodic rivalry, motivating him by courageously bouncing off the lady. Be that as it may, make certain to not give that a shot, all things considered since the water is in reality shallow.

Truly, it was a bit of a walk to get here, however, the interesting climate and view truly compensated for it.

Also, that is it for this portion, in a later one we’ll be taking a gander at some a greater amount of the lovely genuine areas of Your lie in April, including that one uncommon train crossing. Extraordinary gratitude to my old buddy Mike Hattsu, whose blog was major assistance in arranging out my outing!

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