‘Butchigire!’ X ‘SHAMAN KING’ collaboration illustrations released!

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“Butchigire! Director Tetsuo Hirakawa will present it, character draft Hiroyuki Takei (masterpiece “SHAMAN KING”), planning and twin-engine (masterpiece TV anime “Dororo”), and animation production: Geno Studio (masterpiece TV anime “Golden Kamuy”). Original TV animation.

Hachamecha rehabilitation entertainment where sinners selected as replacements for Shinsengumi executives struggle to protect the security of Kyoto!

This time, “Butchigire! A collaboration illustration depicts the main character of “SHAMAN KING”, Yoh Asakura, holding a sword.
The illustration is a valuable piece drawn by Hiroyuki Takei himself.

Furthermore, from April 20th (Wednesday), a campaign to win mini coloured paper and stickers using collaboration illustrations will start on Twitter!

TV anime “Butchigire! ] And the TV anime “SHAMAN KING” official Twitter account, and during the campaign period, the TV anime “Butchigire!” For those who retweet this campaign announcement tweet on the official Twitter account, 20 people will be given a “mini coloured paper with autograph by Hiroyuki Takei & winner’s name”, and 30 people will be given a “sticker”, for a total of 50 people.

The mini shikishi is autographed by Hiroyuki Takei! Let’s apply hard!

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