Approximately 120 items such as ‘Pretty Cure’ picture books and e-books ‘TV Picture Book’ and ‘Himitsu Daizukan.’

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In commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the anime “Pretty Cure” series, about 120 successive “Pretty Cure picture books” published by Kodansha’s “Friends Tanoshii Kindergarten” editorial department have been converted into e-books, and distribution has started.

This time, several picture books published for about 20 years have been made into e-books. From the “TV Picture Book” series that introduces the stories of each Pretty Cure to the “Pretty Cure All Stars Himitsu Encyclopedia” to the “Masterpiece Picture Book” that you can learn with Pretty Cure and successive movie picture books. It’s a chance to get valuable books that can’t be obtained now.

For this e-book conversion, each e-book store holds a big sale where some of the target books are 50% off, and the period is until the 9th.

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