Asuna’s bathing scene! Movie ‘SAO’ Starless Night BD & DVD design released Live broadcast on 27th New information released.

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“Theatrical version Sword Art Online -Progressive- Starless Night Aria” BD & DVD package A part of the design of the purchase privilege for each store has been released. Asuna’s bathing scene and changing clothes scene are drawn, and 7 points, including the original illustration: ABC’s drawing, have been removed.

In addition, Nico Nico Live Broadcasting, which will deliver new information on the 10th anniversary of animation, will be implemented from 20:00 on May 27th. The performers are Yoshitsugu Matsuoka (role of Kirito) and Chiaki Matsuzawa (MC).

“Sword Art Online” is a story about the success of the main character, Kirito, set in the next-generation VRMMORPG “Sword Art Online.” It has been trendy since the first volume of the original novel was released in April 2009, and as of 2022, the cumulative circulation worldwide has exceeded 26 million.

The most critical year for the anime “SAO” begins. The first period of TV animation was broadcast in 2012, and in addition to the four series that continue to the present, two theatrical versions have been released. Ten years have passed since the start of the anime broadcast, and the official service of the game “Sword Art Online” in work will start in 2022.

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