‘Hope’ appears when the full-page advertisement of the ‘Fire Force’ newspaper is folded. The final 34 volumes of the book are on sale.

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The 34th volume of the book, which completes the popular science fiction battle fantasy manga “Fire Force” (author, Atsushi Okubo), was released on the 17th, and a full-page advertisement was posted in the morning edition of the Yomiuri Shimbun on the same day. When the paper was folded along the guide, the two letters “hope” appeared.

The work started serializing in Kodansha’s “Weekly Shonen Magazine” in September 2015 and ended in February this year. The activity of a particular fire brigade that fights against the threat caused by the flame bite and the monster called “flame bite” became violent through the mutation that the whole body is wrapped in flames due to the spontaneous combustion phenomenon of the human body drawn.

In the final phase, the character “hope” appear when the paper is folded according to the guidance of the full-page advertisement so that the main character Shinra responds to the original that is forced to select “despair” and “hope.” According to the person in charge at Kodansha, the theme was “Even if the paper breaks, my heart won’t break! Like Shinra!”

“Fire Force” has a cumulative total of over 20 million copies worldwide. Not to mention the hot battle depictions, various characters, and stories full of mysteries and conspiracies, his unique sense of suddenly appearing live-action expressions has given birth to many fans. The first period of TV animation will be broadcast in 2019, and the second period of TV animation will be published in 20. On the 17th, the production of the third animation period was also announced.

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