Kinichi Hagimoto, also known as “Kin-chan,” appears in the anime “Chibi Maruko-chan” !?

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Good evening! Although it is also related to the “Great success of the Tame years!”

Born in 1965, it is sent as “Showa trio news!” To do.

“Chibi Maruko-Chan”, which started serialization in “Ribbon” (Shueisha) in 1986 and celebrated its 35th-anniversary last year. The late author, Momoko Sakura, was born in 1965, and 1965 was a perfect year for a man. Maru-chan, the main character, is set to be in the third grade of elementary school, and since Sakura’s childhood is modelled, the world of works where Hideki and Linda are popular can be said to be familiar men in 1965.

In 1990, TV animation started on Fuji TV, and it is being broadcast every Sunday evening. It is loved as a national animation and “Sazae-san”, but it will be posted 1500 times again next week on May 1, 2022 (Sun)! As a special guest to commemorate that, Kinichi Hagimoto, also known as “Kin-chan”, has appeared!

“Kinichi Hagimoto” was featured in the June 2014 issue of “Kinichi Hagimoto” in the June 2014 issue of “Otoko 1965”, but from the 1970s to the 1980s, “Audience rating 100% man” Kin-chan, who continued to make good progress, was famous, wasn’t he? The volume of “I want to meet Maruko, Kin-chan” will be broadcast in “Thank you! Thanks to everyone for 1500 times 1-hour special.”

Kin-chan is very popular among Maruko-chan, and the class I saw yesterday was “Let’s try Kin-chan’s Don! 怸Story of the story. I want to meet Kin-chan because it’s OK to do it once! Maruko, who received the advice of Mr Noguchi, who is a laughing enthusiast, put out a postcard that he wanted to see in a fuss.

Are you? But when I think about it, “Let’s try with Kin-chan’s Don! The Broadcast started in April 1975, so she was born in 1965, and Maruko-chan, a woman in 1965, was in the third year of elementary school and hadn’t started in 1974 yet? I thought about it as an occupational disease (?), But it’s OK if you enjoy the world where fiction and reality are mixed by saying, “Komake Kota is good !!” That’s right ~.

Regarding this appearance, Kin-chan said, “I didn’t think that Kin-chan would appear in the animation as it is. Thank you. At first,” Let’s try with Kin-chan’s Don! “I thought it was just the voice of” “Kin-chan is out in a different world as it is, so you’ll want to meet Momoko Sakura. I feel like saying “Thank you”. ” thing.

Also, “Let’s try with Kin-chan’s Don! “The program that changed Kin-chan’s era. It was a thankful benefactor for me, or a different world opened up from there. It was a thankful program.”

The following news releases also include more detailed comments, so if you’re curious, check them out! For such a reason, all the readers of the “Showa Trio” generation, including the man in 1965, returned to the mood when they enjoyed watching Kin-chan’s program every week and enjoyed the Broadcast again the following week. Teeth?

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