Completed ‘Fire Force,’ serialized in 6 and a half years, the magazine writer congratulates with colored paper. The final volume will be released on May

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The popular manga “Fire Force” (author: Atsushi Okubo) has reached its final episode in the 13th issue of the serialized magazine “Weekly Shonen Magazine” (Kodansha) released on the 22nd. The history of about six and a half years has ended since the serialization started in September 2015. In the same issue, a colored paper is posted on the cover and intro color to celebrate the magazine’s serialized author’s completion.

This work is set in the fictional world of “Sun calendar 9th year, Tokyo”, and the main character, to confront the threat of “human body ignition phenomenon,” in which a person suddenly burns out and becomes a monster of flame exhausts the destruction. A dark battle fantasy depicts the organization’s member’s “Special Fire Fighting” to which Morira Kusakabe belongs, unraveling the mystery of the phenomenon and saving humanity from monsters.

The cumulative total of comics has exceeded 17.5 million copies. The first period of TV animation has become a famous work broadcast and staged from July to December 2019 and the second period from July to December 2020.

The author, Mr. Okubo, commented at the end of the book, saying, “I managed to get it until the start of’Gachiakuta’. After that, I will touch Urana-chan with a baton! Thank you. Goodbye.”

“Gachiakuta” is a manga serialized in the same magazine last week, and the author, Kei Ura, is a former assistant of Okubo. Similarly, in the comment at the end of the book, “I am thrilled that the work of Professor Okubo, who I have respected since I was in junior high school, has come to an end and will appear together in that special issue. Thank you for your hard work.”

In addition, the completion commemorative colored paper published in the same issue is published by magazine serial writers such as Jyoji Morikawa (“Hajime no Ippo”), Hiromu Arakawa (“Arslan Senki”), Ken Wakui (“Tokyo Revengers”). , Congratulations on the completion with comments such as “Thank you for your hard work !!” while drawing the character of “Fire Force.”

In addition, as four major projects, “Magazine serialization writer’s commemorative Shikishi public release” “I tried to fulfill the dream of Atsushi Okubo” “Serialization completion commemorative official goods release decision” “Special fire brigade member certificate” for all applicants Announced & implemented. The final volume of the comic (34 books) will be released in May.

The author, Atsushi Okubo, made his debut in 2001 with “Ichizen no Bone.” His first serialized work, “Soul Eater,” has been serialized for about nine years since the June 2004 issue of “Monthly Shonen Gangan” (Square Enix) and became a big hit. In 2015, he started serializing “Fire Force” in “Weekly Shonen Magazine” (Kodansha) and has been consistently working on fantasy works until now.

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