‘Blue Rock’ cast members give a hot message! Special screening report

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The official report of “Blue Rock Special Screening Egoist Night” held at United Cinemas Toyosu on Sunday, March 26, 2023, has arrived.

“Blue Rock” has exceeded 24 million copies and won the 45th Kodansha Manga Award for Boys, the original manga by Muneyuki Kinjo—a very popular comic by Yusuke Nomura. The Japan Football Union planned the “Blue Rock (Blue Prison)” project to train strikers who would lead Japan to victory in the World Cup. We gathered 300 high school students, all FWs.

What kind of striker will revolutionize Japanese football, born at the expense of 299 football lives? The hottest, craziest soccer anime ever begins! The first season of TV animation will be broadcast in October 2022, and the final episode will be held on March 25 (Sat). Nozomi Urawa (playing the role of Kiyoyoichi) and Tsubasa Kaito took the stage at this event, where episodes 23 and 24 of the TV anime were screened. A cast talk corner was held. (role of Hourakumawari), Nobunaga Shimazaki (role of Seishiro Nagi), and Yuma Uchida (role of Reio Mikage).

The movie theater was packed, but the odds of winning that day were over ten times! Once again, the momentum and heat of the TV anime “Blue Rock” is transmitted. Immediately after the final episode aired, the news was announced about the production decision for the second season of the TV series and “Theatrical version Blue Rock -EPIOSODE Nagi-.” Nagi-” Congratulations on your production decision!’ he shouted, exploding joyfully. In response, Uchida sulks, saying, “It was good back then…” remembering Nagi and Reio from their first encounter to the first selection. She agrees, “However, Uchida looks forward to the movie!” It’s the first time for these four to hold an event, but there were many times when dubbing was done together.

When asked about the atmosphere of the post-recording session, Shimazaki and Uchida testify that the chairman, Ura, was the mood maker and communicated with various people. And Kaito, who was watching Ura actively talking with a smile behind him, said, “It takes courage to talk to people, but Ura-san, who easily overcomes that barrier, is amazing.” I thought about it every time,” he confessed. From here, we will look back on the story of the secondary selection drawn in the second course of “Blue Rock.” “I was able to see the different sides of the various characters, and the awakening of Haraku and Nagi was impressive,” said Ura. Even when I was acting, I was egoistically happy,” continued Kaito.

The topic then shifts to the fate of Nagi and Reio. Originally, Reio dreamed of winning the World Cup with Nagi, but in the secondary selection, Nagi chose Kiyoshi and Haraku, the team that defeated them, instead of himself. Team up.

This was a big turning point for Nagi and Reio, but Uchida said, “Humans struggle and struggle, but it was very real that there are times when the root of that is not positive. Instead of a positive motive of “Let’s win the cup together!” The following selection was a time to dig into humanity.

That’s why it was tough, and now that it’s over, it’s tough (laughs).” In response, Shimazaki said, “Even when Kiyoshi was chosen, Nagi’s feelings of aiming to become the best in the world with Reio changed. I don’t know, to become stronger, I think it’s better to stick with me for a while, so I think I felt like I’ll see you again when I get stronger.”

Recalling Nagi’s words to Reio, who was in despair and told him to abandon him, “Is that how Reio felt, aiming to be the best in the world together? I think it was because I was Reio. “Tatsusaki” is the correct notation for “Saki” in Nobunaga Shimazaki. (C) Muneyuki Kinjo, Yusuke Nomura, Kodansha / “Blue Rock” Production Committee

“Blue Rock” MVP chosen by the cast! The talk was about the TV anime “Blue Rock] to the Corner that decides the MVP so far.

First, Kaito votes for Kiyoshi, who penetrates his ego and moves upward while the surroundings are too monstrous. Ura said that he loves the scene where he wakes up in episode 22, exposes himself, and shoots, including acting. Shimazaki is Rin Itoshi (CV. Koki Uchiyama). Uchida finally said, “I’m Kiyoshi. I’ll beat him and prove that I (Reio) is the most egoist!” It made me laugh.

As a result, the main character, Kiyoshi, decided the MVP! He’s a character who has grown and awakened at a tremendous rate, so there’s no objection. And the four were asked about their joy at the announcement of the second season of the TV series and the production of the “Theatrical version Blue Rock -EPIOSODE Nagi-.”

Kaito said of his joy, “The moment I realized that I had to work harder and make Houraku even better, I was so nervous that I couldn’t sleep.” Uchida happily commented, “In the theatrical version, where the buds, which are the starting point of my thoughts, were born and how they were nurtured in detail, it will be a pleasure for me to play them in the future.” board. Also, on this day, it was announced that a new smartphone game, “Blue Rock BLAZE BATTLE” (Brebato), will be released in 2023.

The four of them couldn’t hide their surprise at the fact that the world of “Blue Rock” was expanding as if it was a full 3D soccer game. And at the end of the screening, the four will send an inspirational message to the fans. “It moved me as an actor, and I feel like it’s had an impact on my life, so there are a lot of tough times when I play Reio. I’m happy to be able to stand up against a work that will shake me up! The second season and theatrical version have been decided, so I’d be happy if you could support both the anime and the original work.”

(Yuma Uchida) Like the characters in Blue Rock, we work hard to make something even better, but what’s different from “Blue Rock” is that instead of someone dropping out, we’re all going to the best place! I will continue to deliver exciting things, so I hope you will support me.”-EPIOSODE” Nagi-” is also from Nagi’s point of view so that Kiyoshi will be the final boss. Will Houraku become a troublesome enemy? Like. It will likely be drawn that it looks like this from the opposite point of view.

Undoubtedly, the more you know about the main line, the more interesting it will be, so please support the movie as well.” (Nobunaga Shimazaki) Thanks to everyone’s support, the 2nd season and theatrical version can be done, so I will do my best to live up to everyone’s expectations. I will work on this work with all my heart and ego. Thank you for your continued support for ‘Blue Rock.'” Tsubasa Kaito ) “The second season after many new characters appeared in the final episode.

I’m looking forward to seeing all kinds of chemical reactions happen, and Kiyoshi and the rest of us, as well as us as actors, can grow.

The production team will exceed everyone’s expectations! He makes anime with his heart, so I hope you will have high expectations and wait with egotism! (Nozomi Urawa ) With smartphone games, the stage plays “Blue Rock” starting in May, and the second season of the TV series and “Theatrical version Blue Rock -EPIOSODE Nagi-” “Blue Rock” will continue to develop in various ways. It was an irresistible screening.

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