What is the masterpiece “I want you to animate again” in the 2000s jump manga

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The anime “SHAMAN KING” is based on Hiroyuki Takei’s manga, which  has been on air since April this year. The anime “Fruit Basket” is based on the manga by Natsuki Takaya, who reached the moving finale on June 28th. Also, this year, Kazuya Minekura ‘s original “Saiyuki” series has been announced for the fifth time in total. The title of interest is ” Saiyuki RELOAD -ZERO IN-.” Details are awaited.

All are masterpiece manga that has been animated once in the past, but the 1990s when the current Arasa generation was absorbed. Nowadays, manga works from the latter half of the early 2000s tend to be reanimated and become hits. In addition to “Mankin” and “Saiyuki” on the Internet, “Animation caught up with the original in the middle of the serialization and reached the original ending” “I want you to make another animation with the current high technology” There are many voices requesting reanimation. This time, I would like to look back on the “Jump” work, which is especially easy to raise opinions.

“REBORN!”, Which has many handsome characters and is loved by female fans

The first is “Katekyo Hitman REBORN!” Based on Akira Amano’s original work. The original manga was completed in 2012, but new goods have been released for several years, and from 2018 it will be a 2.5-dimensional stage, and it is still a popular work that can not be said to be a thing of the past. The anime will be broadcast from 2006 to 2010. The original “Future Edition” was drawn, and then the actual developments “Arcovaleno Edition” and “I (Primo) Family Edition” were broadcast. In the original, “Future Edition” was followed by “Succession Ceremony Edition” and “Rainbow Curse Edition” that approached the core of the story, and it became a big circle. Hence, it seems that many people want to watch the completion as the original in the animation. It is an ability battle manga in which many handsome characters appear. Because it was a work with many female fans, “Reborn,” many people want to watch the animation from the beginning again with beautiful graphics by the current technology. .. Not only the fans at that time but also a new fan base can be expected.

Expectations for complete animation with the development as the original

The second is “Majin Detective Brain Biting Neuro,” based on Yusei Matsui’s original work. “Neuro” is his debut work, which is the previous work of the author of “Assassination Classroom,” which was made into an animation and a live-action movie and became a big hit. The content is a mystery-based demon, Neuro, who solves the case, but the appeal is that the setting is too unique, and there are many satirical gag scenes. The cynical content breathed a new breeze into “jump,” a “black comedy.” The anime was broadcast in two cools in 2007. The popular voice actor Takehito Koyasu performed the main character Neuro eerily. Still, due to the incredible broadcasting, the popular character Hayasaka brothers have not appeared in the original. The “new blood” who should be the core of the story has a development and ending that is significantly different from the actual content, such as not appearing. The magnificent climax involving humankind became a hot topic in the original work, so I can’t help but hope that it will return as a new animation. In that case, I want you to power up the eccentricity of the criminals! In addition, Mr. Matsui has been serializing “The Elusive Samurai,” which will be his first history in “Jump” from January this year. Can you expect double animation?

Go boom again in the era of Reiwa.

The third is the Go manga “Hikaru no Go,” written by Yumi Hotta and Ken Obata. This work, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary from the broadcast of the anime this year, may have been watched in real-time because it was broadcast at the time of dinner. Although he dealt with the theme of Go, which is usually unfamiliar to boys and girls, he used attractive characters such as Fujiwara-no-Sai and Akira Toya. At the end of the program, he played Go with a live-action part called “GOGO Go.” There was also a mini-corner explaining the rules of the game, which caused a Go boom for children. Although I haven’t drawn up to the final battle of the “Hokuto Cup Battle,” which is the last of the original, this work can be said to be a great success in animation, as the quality of the spirit is so high that it still warms my heart when I remember it. The voice of the main character, Hikaru Shindo, was played by Tomoko Kawakami, a popular voice actor who died in 2011. It’s a pity that I can’t meet Hikaru with that innocent voice again, but I hope that the Go boom will be rekindled in the world of Reiwa. In addition to “Jump,” there are many hits at the time, such as “Flame of Recca,” “Spiral: The Bonds of Reasoning,” “GetBackers,” and “RAVE,” that I would like you to reanimate. Absent. I want to experience the excitement of those days again in real-time.

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