Sell ​​Miura in anime.

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The Miura Tourist Information Dissemination Council, which consists of Keihin Electric Railway Co., Ltd., the Miura City Tourism Association, and Miura City, has started a project to attract people to the area with the power of animation. Collaboration with the manga “Megami no Cafe Terrace” serialized in “Weekly Shonen Magazine,” which was broadcast on TV in April. Stamps are installed in various places in the city, which is the stage of the work, and if you collect five, you will receive a participation prize to encourage tours.

The same work by Koji Seo. A seaside romantic comedy about Jun Kasukabe, who returns to his parent’s house, “Cafe Terrace Familia,” in a seaside town for the first time in three years after hearing the news of his grandmother’s death, and five girls who call themselves “grandmother’s family.” Places and buildings reminiscent of Miura appear.

The collaborative project aims to connect it to a “visiting places of connection” where fans relive the scenes depicted in work called “pilgrimage to sacred places.” In Gifu City, in 2016, “Your Name.” There is also an excellent example that the economic effect of the sacred place pilgrimage reached 25.3 billion yen due to the release of three animated movies set in Gifu.

The council is known as the “Sacred Land Pilgrimage Stamp Rally.” In addition to the participation prize “original clear bookmark,” if you post a photo of the sacred place pilgrimage on Twitter, you will be given a signed colored paper by the heroine voice actor by lottery. Plan. Also, if you use the stamp installation places “Mahoroba Minds Miura” and “Coffee House Poem Miura Kaigan,” you can get goods. The city hopes that it will lead to an increase in tourist spending.

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