Boruto Reveals Kashin Koji’s True Identity

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Boruto: Naruto Next Generations finally confirmed Kashin Koji’s true identity with the newest episode of the anime series! The Otsutsuki Awakening phase of the Kawaki saga has reached an intense new phase as Naruto Uzumaki, and the others have been watching as Kashin Koji fights Jigen in the attempt of killing him and forcing out the Otsutsuki within his body. As we have gotten to see more of Koji’s abilities, the clues have been adding even further to his true identity thanks to several unique but familiar Jutsu techniques that seem recognizable to even Naruto.

The past few episodes have been dropping some curious hints about Koji’s true identity with his ability to use a Rasengan, toad summoning jutsus, and the fact that he has chakra related to the Hidden Leaf, and the newest episode has cleared up all the mysteries as to why. In the fight against Jigen, it’s revealed that Koji is, in fact, a clone of the famous Sannin and Naruto’s former mentor, Jiraiya, that Amado had created.

Following from the cliffhanger that saw Koji trapping Jigen’s body within a pillar of flame, it’s confirmed that he could kill Jigen’s body and force Isshiki Otsutsuki to reveal himself within the former host fully. Although Koji had been holding his own before, Isshiki was on a completely different level as he now had access to a new secret jutsu that allows him to shrink whatever he sets his eyes on. After shrinking and breaking Koji’s mask, Koji’s true identity is revealed.

Isshiki notes how Amado had crafted a clone of Jiraiya but uses this to taunt Koji in the fact that, like Jiraiya, Koji is destined to die. Once this reveal happens, Koji uses other familiar techniques such as Jiraiya’s sage mode and Massive Rasengan. Unfortunately, this is the part of the fight that Naruto cannot see, so he never gets to find out why he suddenly feels such a connection to Koji in particular.

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