In the live-action movie version of ‘Voltron’, Amazon won?

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Amazon Studios is likely to win the Hollywood live-action movie version of the US TV anime “Voltron,” based on Japanese animation, Deadline reports.

“Voltron” integrates and re-edits two unrelated robot animas, “Beast King GoLion” (81-82) and ” Armored Fleet Dailager XV ” (82-83), produced by Toei and has been in the US since 1984. TV animation broadcast on NBC. The story of soldiers dispatched from the Space Guard flying a super robot “Voltron” and fighting against an empire planning to conquer space became very popular. In 2016, the reboot version of “Voltron”, produced by DreamWorks Animation, was distributed on Netflix.

World Events Productions, which owns the rights to “Voltron,” plans a new live-action movie version, “Voltron.” Rawson Marshall Thurber, director of Netflix’s action blockbuster ” Red Notice, ” co-starring Dwayne Johnson, Gal Gadot, and Ryan Reynolds, will take the megaphone. The server director will be co-writing the script with Ellen Shanman.

It is said that Amazon Studios is already negotiating while movie studios and distribution companies are fighting for this featured work. Speaking of Amazon these days, it is known for spending a lot of money on content, including the drama version ” The Lord of the Rings ” and “The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power”.

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