‘Hiroaka’ 6th period is two courses in a row! In addition, new commercials and character SP visuals have been released!

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The 6th season of the TV anime “My Hero Academia,” scheduled to start broadcasting on Saturday, October 1, 2022, will be posted for two consecutive courses! Ahead of the broadcast, new information has been lifted, including a new commercial and exceptional character visuals.

“My Hero Academia” is a comic series by Kohei Horikoshi serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump. A high school student aiming to become a hero, Izuku Midoriya and his classmates grow up, fight, and develop a story of friendship.
The TV anime series (produced by Bonds) based on it has been broadcast from 2016 to 2021 until the 5th series, and the long-awaited 6th series will start from Saturday, October 1 at 5:30 every Saturday evening. The broadcast will begin on 29 Yomiuri TV and Nippon TV networks.

In the 6th season, the development of the main story starts from the first broadcast. Then, the 114th episode, “Quiet beginning,” will be broadcasted, directly connected to the 5th final episode 113, “Sky, high and ultramarine.” Finally, the curtain rises on the “All-Out War” between heroes and enemies (villains)!

This time, it is announced that the 6th season of “Hiroaka” will be broadcast for two consecutive courses!

And finally, on Saturday, September 24, just one week before the broadcast’s start, the new commercial “For this battle” was lifted. In line with the appearance of Deku and his classmates from the series so far, the voice of Deku, played by Mr. Daiki Yamashita, “Maybe the days so far were for this battle,” is the 6th term “full-scale.” It is an emotional commercial in which the video of “War Edition” unfolds dizzily.

In addition, as the heat of the broadcast increased, Mr. Daiki Yamashita said, “The bonds and fates that have been built up to the 5th term will collide with each other! To be honest, it’s heavy! So let’s get Plus Ultra… and overcome it together!!”

In addition, a new project has started to make the sixth season of Hiroaka TV anime even more exciting! It has been decided to produce and release a new character’s unique visual.

Five characters of interest in the main story of the 6th season of Hiroaka, the main character Deku, his childhood friend and rival Katsuki Bakugo, two, and classmate Shoto Todoroki. Three people from Group A, 1st year of the Hero Department of Yuei High School, and the center of the enemy who will fight fiercely with them, Shingaraki Sora, and the mysterious enemy who threatens them along with the dead tree. Dabi. The visuals of the above five characters will be announced one by one.

And the first unique visual of Todoroki Shoto has been unveiled! Yuuki Kaji, the voice actor who plays Todoroki, commented on this graphic, which stands out for the cool Todoroki and the subdued color finish.

“The rugged expression that symbolizes the development of the 6th season is impressive. Cool eyes are also the best.”

Regarding the broadcast of the 6th season, “Finally, the 6th season will start. The level goes up one more level. It’s like hell. However, the hero shows hope in such a situation, and I think that is the charm of this work, “My Hero Academia.” By all means, please fight together! Thank you! “Go further!” PLUS ULTRA!” he enthusiastically said.

And this character’s unique visual will also be developed as a campaign “Yomiuri TV animation broadcasting 55th-anniversary special project rear tie viewing limited gift campaign” linked to TV real-time broadcasting every Saturday evening at 5:30 from October 1!
The real-time TV broadcast and data broadcast of the 6th season of Hiroaka will be linked, and points will be accumulated by watching the TV in real-time. Furthermore, attractive prizes such as unique visual limited goods will be presented with those points.

The gift contents are original goods that can only be obtained in this campaign, such as a life-sized acrylic stand using exceptional visuals, transparent files, and quo cards designed with visuals.
For details, check the Hiroaka program page on the Yomiuri TV website!

Season 6 of “My Hero Academia” will start on Saturday, October 1! “Look forward to the 6th season of Hiroaka!”

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