Did Chikawa and the others visit a ‘three-star’ restaurant? Animation ‘Chiikawa’ episode 71 missed the delivery start.

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Episode 71 of the TV anime “Chiikawa” and “Three Star Restaurant” will be streamed for one week only on the official YouTube channel of ” Mezamashi TV,” FOD, and TVer from May 23rd.

This work is an animation based on Mr. Nagano’s manga ” Chiikawa Kare no something small and cute guy ” broadcasted on Fuji TV affiliated news program “Mezamashi TV.”

In episode 71, “Three-Star Restaurant 2”, Chikawa and Hachiware find their dream three-star restaurant. Feeling uncomfortable with the appearance, I try to enter the store fearfully. In addition, unlimited viewing of episode 69, “Saltami / Sake Toba,” has started on Amazon Prime Video / FOD distribution services.

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