Can you do that play yourself? 4 techniques you’ll want to try in ‘The Prince of Tennis’

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The popular tennis cartoon “Prince of Tennis.” The serialization started in 1999 with “Weekly Shonen Jump,” which is still viral even now when the stage is moved to “Jump Square.” Speaking of the charm of “The Prince of Tennis,” there is the overwhelming power that unique characters fight with unrealistic techniques. The depiction of the game, in which magnificent scale techniques fly around, such as splitting up, teleporting, and sometimes depriving the five senses, is a masterpiece.

A worldview deviates from reality, but many techniques give hope to relatively reproducible fans. This time, the author, who has played tennis twice, recklessly introduces a method that he thought, “Is this something I can do?”

The technique used by Kaoru Kaido, a second-year student at Seishun Gakuen, where the snake hero Ryoma Echizen played the “real” first match. One of the tricks that “The Prince of Tennis” came up with was when he was still playing tennis. Snake is also known as “buggy whip shot,” a technique used in real-world tennis, and seems relatively reproducible. Kaido is a player with excellent stamina and has adopted a tennis-like tactic of “shaking the opponent player from side to side with a snake to steal stamina and hunt down.” However, in the Echizen match, it was discovered that the knees would be strained when hitting the snake, and Kaido, who continued to be hit by the snake, was deprived of his physical strength and lost. Burekyu A technique used by Yoshiro Akazawa, the director of St. Rudolph Academy, will play against Seishun Gakuen in the quarterfinals of the city tournament. Teamed up with Ichiro Kaneda, Shuichiro Oishi, and Eiji KikumaruIt was used when playing against the doubles, the so-called “Golden Pair.” It is a technique that dares to remove the sweet spot (central part) of the racket and slightly shakes it so that many balls can be seen, and it is probably the most reproducible. Instead, beginners like me can’t hit the sweet spot and are likely to hit the ball unintentionally. Naturally, Akazawa is an influential person in the national ward, aiming for a blur ball. Taking the strong point of Kikumaru, who has excellent dynamic vision and shaking the ball, Kikumaru’s dynamic image is always used to steal stamina, and he has a kettle with Kaneda on the way. Still, in the end, he is the strongest in doubles. He has won from the golden pair: jackknife Takeshi Momoshiro, a second-year student at Seishun GakuenTechnique used by. Holding the racket with both hands and hitting while rotating the body while jumping, you can hit a powerful shot while being a backhand whose power is easily halved.

That Kei Nishikori player is also using it, and the reproducibility is not bad. It was shown for the first time to Ace Sengoku Kiyozumi, who played in the final of the Tokyo tournament. Momoshiro was caught up in Sengoku’s relentless gameplay and fell into a situation where his left leg was cramped. Still, during the match, he completed a jackknife and defeated the superior Sengoku. ・ Aiming for code ball A technique used by Kentaro Aoi, the director of Hexagon, who is familiar with “the opponents are different between the anime version and the manga version” and will play in the semifinals of the Kanto tournament.

The reproducibility of hitting the ball on the white tape part of the net that sandwiches the two and aiming for the “code ball” that drops the ball on the opponent’s court is highly reproducible, but in “The Prince of Tennis” it is a rather nasty technique It has become. By the way, this is the only technique I was able to do. When Rokkakuchu collides with the ninja group Higachu in the first match of the national tournament, Aoi repeatedly aims for the code ball that he is good at, but in front of Chicken Hiroshi, who uses the technique “Shukuchi method” that seems to be challenging to understand. I didn’t have any teeth. It was a collision between a real skill and a different dimension skill, but it can be said that the Prince of Tennis realized that he could not win with a simple craft. When I drank about five cans of strong chu-hi, I experienced “selflessness” where only those who exceeded my limits could step in, but it is dangerous, so please do not imitate it.

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