BTS Jimin, Dior Global Ambassador’s first move. Concord Square heated up.

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Jimin (BTS) received worldwide attention for his first move after being selected as a global ambassador for the French luxury brand Dior.

On January 20 (Korean time), Jimin attended the 2023-2024 Fall/Winter Dior Men’s Fashion Show as his first official activity as a Dior Global Ambassador. Thousands of fans and reporters chanting Jimin’s name filled Concord Square and its surroundings in Paris, creating an all-time sensational spectacle.

In particular, the movie-like scene of Jimin, the icon and face representing Dior, cutting through the vast crowd and heading to the event excites the scene. SNS and Jimin’s overwhelming popularity and influence are unanimous. Made me realize

In response, the Associated Press said, “As soon as BTS Jimin arrived, the reporters abandoned the Dior Show and even the ‘Game of Thrones’ star Christie.” As the protagonist of the event, Jimin’s status was conveyed intact.

Paris Match, one of the most influential news magazines in France and Europe, said, “Beyond the invited celebrities, a distinguished guest (Jimin) moved the crowd. His arrival gave the audience unprecedented happiness. aroused,” he reported.

In addition, “Newly appointed Global Ambassador Jimin Park of BTS was the main event, and thousands were waiting to see this K-Pop star” (WWD),”‘ Exceeded everything before'” (SONICA), “From the announcement, Paris By the time he arrived, Jimin had made headlines all over the world, paralyzing the event just by his presence on set” (POPLINE), “The crowd reaction was unreal. It was a fashion show. Still, it was like a concert” (KOREABOO), etc., and reports of admiration poured in.

Also, despite the news that taking pictures was unusually restricted due to the crowds and concentrated spotlights on Jimin from inside and outside, world-famous football star David Beckham posted a photo with Jimin. He uploaded on his SNS and followed BTS’s official Instagram, drawing attention as if he were a fanboy.

Jimin showed off a beige tone styling with a modern sensibility that enhances the mysterious visuals of the day. In particular, he showed off his majesty as a global ambassador with an elegant and dignified attitude befitting the reputation of a luxury brand. This part convinces us why Dior chose Jimin following the worldwide ripple of power beyond imagination.

This way, after gathering more topics than ever, enthusiastic responses from fans poured in online. Jimin was the only person who attended the Dior fashion show, including Naomi Campbell and Robert Pattinson, in Google Trends on the theme of ‘Dior.’ It was on the famous list of ‘Related Search Words’ and ‘Related Topics,’ shining an incomparable presence.

On Twitter, ‘#JIMINxDIOR,’ ‘#JiminAtDiorFashionShow,’ ‘FASHION ICON PARK JIMIN,’ and ‘HUMAN DIOR PARK JIMIN’ dominated the global trends from 1st to 4th, followed by ‘FACE OF DIOR JIMIN’ at 20th and ‘DIOR GLOBAL AMBASSADOR’ JIMIN,’ ‘IT BOY,’ ‘THE MAIN EVENT,’ etc., leading more than 233 trends with 23 keywords in more than 87 countries, proving the high topicality of ‘Human Dior.’

After announcing his selection as a global ambassador, Jimin drew attention for his encounter with a luxury brand and a K-pop star that exerts a significant influence on the international market economy, which was covered by Reuters, one of the world’s three major news agencies. At the same time, fans’ purchase of Dior products was already certified on social media. This continues, reaffirming the power of ‘sold out’ regardless of price.

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