‘Conan’s black-clad organization jacks Kinro’s HP, blacks out, and takes one day to recover.

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On September 6th, the website and official SNS (former Twitter) of NTV’s “Kinyo Road Show” were hijacked by the black organization of the popular anime “Detective Conan.”

According to Nippon Television, “The source code of the Friday roadshow website was also rewritten by someone and turned black… It seems that it will take about a day to restore. Ankh’s icon on the official account seems to have also been changed to a black costume…Is Detective Conan’s organization in black involved?”

Today, September 6th is commonly known as “Black Day,” which is a pun on 9 (ku) 6 (ro). This year’s theatrical version of Detective Conan, “Kurokutetsu no Uokage,” in which Conan confronts a black organization, was a massive hit, with box office revenue exceeding 13.6 billion yen. The “Black Clothing” project has been announced for the final screening, and various events are being held in multiple places.

The Friday roadshow will also broadcast “Theatrical Version Detective Conan,” featuring a black organization for two consecutive weeks (15th and 22nd). A newly recorded special video about “Black Clothing” will be broadcast at the end of each week, shown only on the Friday roadshow.

15th broadcast “Detective Conan Countdown to Heaven” (2001)

22nd broadcast “Detective Conan Pure Black Nightmare” (2016)

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