‘Crayon Shin-chan’ is a convincing reason why adults are addicted to it now.

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30th anniversary in 2022, goods such as pajamas are also popular

In 2022, the popular anime representing the Heisei period, “Crayon Shin-chan,” celebrated its 30th anniversary in both anime and movies.

At the 30th Anniversary Film Festival held at Tokyo Tower during Golden Week in 2022, there was a lively exhibition of past movies.

In July, Hiroshi’s hometown of Akita Prefecture, Misae’s hometown of Kumamoto Prefecture, and Saitama Prefecture, where the Shin-chan family lives, signed a “Family City” agreement that connects three cities beyond the framework of nationally popular anime.

In the summer of 2023, the series’ first 3DCG animation, “Shin Jigen! Crayon Shin-chan THE MOVIE ESP Great Decisive Battle ~Tobetobe Temaki Sushi~,” will be released.

Not only for the 30th anniversary, “Crayon Shin-chan” is always a hot topic. But why is “Crayon Shin-chan” so loved by everyone? This time, I would like to approach the charm of “Crayon Shin-chan.”

At first, it was not well received by adults.
“Crayon Shin-chan” was initially written by Yoshito Usui and started serialization in “Manga Action” (Futabasha) in 1990.

The main character, Shinnosuke Nohara, is a gag manga that depicts the daily life of a “stormy kindergartener” who causes a commotion involving his parents and surrounding adults.

It was made into an anime in 1992, and its pop, cute illustrations, and lively jokes quickly became a hot topic. Shinnosuke’s characteristic way of speaking and dirty jokes are popular with children, but at the beginning of the broadcast, the PTA did not receive a good reputation because “children imitate.”

On the other hand, since the movie “Crayon Shin-chan Action Kamen VS Haigure Maou,” released in 1993, it has gradually transformed into a national anime that even adults are addicted to.

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