“Dai no Daibouken”, next time is “Summary” that looks back on the trajectory of the dies

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The anime “Dragon Quest Dai no Daibouken,” broadcast every Saturday at 9:30 am on the TV Tokyo network, promotes episode 37, “All in an Instant,” on Saturday, June 19. Defeated Zamza, who turned into a living thing.

The next broadcast on Saturday, June 26, the story will finally be in full swing with the omnibus “Adventure trajectory, future journey” that looks back on the trajectory of the Die so far. Finally, it will enter the climax. In the 37th episode, “All in an Instant, “Maam, who became a martial artist from a monk, overwhelms Zamza with the greatest secret of the martial arts style, Senka Rikoken. However, Maam, whose technique was blocked by a short gap, fell into a pinch. However, Die, who was inspired by how Mam fights to explode his power at that moment, shoots a whole body of Avant Rush and finally defeats Zamza, who has been struggling. On the verge of death, Zamza died after telling him that he had sent Orichalcum’s “Sword of the Conqueror” to the Demon Lord Hudler and that he had sent data on super-demon creatures to his father, Zabiela. At the end of the episode, Zabiela appears to be researching to change the Hudler as a super-demon. In the original story, Hudler, the demon king who was reborn as a super demon creature, stands in front of the dies from here. Hudler, the demon king who worshiped the dust and had a pitiful appearance, is paying attention to what kind of spiritual growth he has achieved. In addition, the mystery of the Great Demon Lord Burn gradually approaches, and the story finally enters the second half.

The battle will intensify and show a rage. Next week, before rushing into this exciting development, it seems that they will take a break and put in an “omnibus.”We will look back on the deadly battle with Crocodine and Hyunckel, the sprout of bonds, the ruthless Frazzard trap, and the fierce battle with Baran. Especially in the Baran edition and when Matriff confronted Hudler immediately after that, a flashy action was developed and attracted many viewers. In particular, Balun’s line, “I can’t change my way of life now. That’s what adults are,” struck a chord with SNS. In the next omnibus, such balun lines may be confirmed again. The omnibus “Adventure Trail, Future Journey” will be broadcast on TV Tokyo series at 9:30 am on Saturday, June 26.

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