‘My Happy Marriage’ Kiyoka saves Miyo.

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Episode 6 of the TV anime “My Happy Marriage” was broadcast on TOKYO MX on the 9th.

Episode 6, “Determination and Thunder,” is the development of the extraordinary battle. When Miyo wakes up, it’s that pitch black that she was trapped in when she was young. It was in a warehouse.

Kanoko and Kaya harass Miyo relentlessly, and she urges her to refuse her marriage proposal. If she had ever been herself, she would have obeyed without resistance.

But not now. Kiyoka is told by Koji where Miyo is and enters Saimori’s mansion, but Minoru and Shinichi stand in their way due to their supernatural powers…

In the story where the supernatural battle was also developed, the internet reacted with “Miyo-chan… you endured it well…” “The eyes that see garbage,” “I can cry…” “Miyo-chan’s smile makes the world cry.”

Miyo Saimori: Rena
Ueda Kiyoka Hisudo:
Kaito Ishikawa Kaya Saimori: Ayane
Sakura Koji Tatsuishi: Kotaro Nishiyama Yoshito Godo
: Hiroshi Shimono
Yurie: Houko Kuwashima

Is this marriage an invitation to hell? Born into a prestigious
family, Miyo grew up oppressed by her stepmother and half-sister after her mother died early.
When she thinks she has been ordered to marry, her partner is Kiyoka, a young soldier rumored to be ruthless and ruthless.

She was notorious for running away in less than three days from her many prospective fiancées.
Preparing to be cut down by her, Miyo hits the gate of the Hisado family, and a man with pale pigment appears before her.

Miyo was hit hard when she first met him, but she couldn’t return to her parent’s house, so she gradually began to bond with Kiyoka while cooking every day.

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