Anmika, voice actor, again as herself

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Model talent Anmika will appear in the TV anime “Boku to Roboco” episode 27, “Ideals and Roboco” (TV Tokyo series midnight 24:30~), the character “Annika Annie” who became a model of herself on the 11th.

It was announced on the 6th that a voice actor would appear in the role. She will play the role of Anmika again, following the function of Anmika in the 2022 anime “Teppen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”. She is in charge of the voice of “Ammika sister,” who Roboco respects as an ideal woman. Anamika herself is a character who entered the world of the work as it is. It will be an episode full of highlights.

Regarding her appearance as herself, Ammika said, “Actually, I knew that I was in the original work before I received the story this time, and I read it when I was a little tired. Roboco is me. I am pleased that the content overlaps with my life. Please!” he commented.

The work is based on the manga of the same name, which began serialization in “Weekly Shonen Jump” on July 6, 2020, and is set in an era when a beautiful girl maid robot “Order Made (OM)” has spread to every household. An ordinary 5th-grade elementary school student (Taira Bond) was excited to finally buy his long-awaited custom-made item at home. However, what came to my house was an OM that was different from the catalog.

A slapstick gag comedy that begins with the strange daily life of the strongest clumsy maid Robo Robo and the kind-hearted boy, Bond. The TV anime will be broadcast in December 2022.

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