K-Pop Citizen, on the rise in the NTF market. Jump 2-3 times in 1 week

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K-POP CTzen, a ‘super-large K-pop project’ presented by K-pop industry experts, is emerging as a new core of the NTF market.

K-POP CTzen (K-Pop Citizen) soared to an average of 0.34 Ethereum and a high of 0.45 Ethereum in OpenC, the world’s largest NFT marketplace. In 1 week, it jumped 2-3 times compared to the first mintinga (0.15 ether). It is an explosive reaction with the publication. Considering that most of the coin and NFT markets are trending downward amid tensions between Russia and Ukraine, this is an even more encouraging upward trend.

This success was mainly due to a global project centred on K-Pop and a solid plan with a group of experts from various fields. KPOP CTzen is a gathering of top experts in K-pop and Metaverse, including Themars, LiveConnect, and Johnny Bros.

It is a combination that starts from NTF and leads to the metaverse, and the endpoint is not sure how far it will extend. In particular, it is analyzed that the growth potential for scalability and ripple effect was reflected from the beginning.

In addition, the holder-friendly design, which allocates one smart contract per person to prevent bulk purchases, also increased the trust. While the firepower is focused only on the sophisticated PFP of artist Jo Maeng, the various projects to be released in the future are drawing more attention.

K-POP CTzen CEO Choi Yun-Seok said, “We are preparing for K-pop citizen holders to experience the true expansion of the NFT ecosystem and enjoy the benefits and pride. You can expect a different level of planning from K-pop NFT, which is limited to fandom.”

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