Not just ‘Dragon and Belle Princess’! Favorite ‘Electronic Space / VR / Virtual World’ Anime Ranking

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Mamoru Hosoda announced the national movie mobilization ranking on July 31st and August 1st, and the latest theater animation, “Ryu to Soba Kasumi no Hime,” directed by Mamoru Hosoda, ranked first for three consecutive weeks.

The film’s box office revenue has already exceeded 3.3 billion yen, showing the possibility of rewriting the box office revenue of 5.8 billion yen for the 2015 movie “The Boy and the Beast” directed by Hosoda.

In this work, a high school girl, Tin, who lives in a rural town, participates in the virtual world of a vast Internet space with a diva, Bell’s avatar, and the story unfolds from the place where a mysterious dragon appears. Hosoda will be dealing with the same theme in theatrical animation for the third time following “Digimon Adventure Our War Game!” In 2000 and “Summer Wars” in 2009.

The theme of electronic space, VR, and virtual world, where you can enjoy the powerful visual beauty with a sense of the future, and animation are compatible, and many masterpieces other than Hosoda’s work have been born. Therefore, this time, we conducted a questionnaire survey of 300 men and women in their teens to 40s, such as “What is your favorite anime with the theme of” electronic space, VR, virtual world “?” I want to introduce the ones with many votes in a ranking format. (Surveyed by the questionnaire site “Voice Note”) The third place was 7.

The anime “Ghost in the Shell” series was selected by 3% of people. The original is Masamune Shirow’s manga “Ghost in the Shell.” After the first movie of the series directed by Mamoru Oshii, “GHOST IN THE SHELL,” was released in 1995; it is a popular series made into a theater animation and TV animation several times.

The stage is the near future where computerization and cyborg technology has developed. It is a story that depicts the activities of the Ghost in the Shell, “Public Security Section 9,” which aims to prevent crimes such as terrorism and corruption that have come to occur when many people have direct access to the network. Depending on the work, the story’s setting is a parallel world different from the original story. Still, the cool and stylish world view for adults is popular, especially the main character and cyborg Motoko Kusanagi is impressive to symbolize the work. Character. It is known to be highly evaluated overseas.

From the people who chose, “I can’t sleep when I come up with the cyber brain. I was crazy about it when I was a student” (38 years old, male), “I especially like the first ghost in the shell. It’s a work that is the starting point for everything” (43 years old) Comments were received: “I think it’s a long-lived work” (46 years old, male), “It’s difficult but fashionable, and I like it” (29 years old, female), and “The action scene is cool” (33 years old, male). Was done.

Countryside scenery x virtual world visual beauty

The second place is “Summer Wars” (23.3%), directed by Mamoru Hosoda, released in 2009. In the virtual world, “OZ” is where people can use various services such as administrative procedures with avatars. Suddenly, a mysterious artificial intelligence/love machine appeared and confused society.

The story is about Kenji Koiso, the heroine Natsuki Shinohara, and their relatives working together to confront the threat of defeating the love machine. It has become. From the people who chose, “I will watch it every time it is broadcast on TV” (41 years old, female), “I want to imitate’Thank you very much!'” (24 years old, male), “Human assistant” “Uncle is cool” (30 years old, female), “Riichi’s astringency noticed as an adult is irresistible” (28 years old, male), “It’s a work that makes you feel warm” (46 years old, female), “each “The avatar is cute” (24 years old, female).

Theater Conan’s most famous work ranked first.

And the one that won first place in a dignified manner was “The Movie” Detective Conan “The Ghost of Baker Street” released in 2002, which attracted 24.7% of support.

This is the sixth movie in the “Detective Conan” series. Conan Edogawa, the main character, is set in a virtual space with his friends in a game set in London 100 years ago in the virtual experience game machine “Cocoon” to solve the murder case that occurred in reality. Therefore, the appearance of Sherlock Holmes, the cityscape of London, the dropout of friends along the way, etc., make the finish different from other theatrical versions of “Conan” works. In addition, this work will also be the first appearance of Shinichi’s father, Yusaku Kudo. From the person who chose the movie version of the “Conan” series, which is popular among fans, “VR was not yet widespread at that time, so I was thrilled with the futuristic content” (29 years old, female).

“A masterpiece that can be seen from the beginning to the end without getting tired” (33 years old, male), “The blast scene is often seen in Conan movies, and the invention of Dr. Agasa will not appear, but it will be a breakthrough content. “I’m 41 years old, male”, “The setting is interesting” (22 years old, female), “The content of hunting down the criminal who was known from the beginning has a surprising ending. All of them are quite interesting” (27 years old, male) ), Was received. The above are the best three, but this questionnaire also received votes for masterpieces in fourth and below—a modern-day where a future that was unimaginable until just ten years ago can become a reality. The works ranked in this time were all works with high expectations in the near future.

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