OTT Teabing, original documentary ‘K-Pop Generation’ stills released

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Teabing’s original documentary ‘K-Pop Generation’ (production: Patchworks / A2Z Entertainment, provided by: Teabing) will reveal still cuts containing the production process ahead of its first release on the 26th.

The still cut contains the production process, which was created after about 18 months. As much as the size of K-pop is loved worldwide, overseas shooting in the US and Japan beyond Korea draws attention.

The form of K-pop culture encountered abroad and the activities of K-pop fan creators arouse curiosity about the K-pop they will express. A collection of colorful light sticks also unite K-pop artists and their fans.

The cheering rod, which has become a necessity of K-pop culture, is already stimulating users’ curiosity about what image will be implemented in the documentary.

The colorful studio image embodying the artist’s stage provides something to see. Rather than a typical documentary interview set, the image of blue lighting reminiscent of a show stage shows the color of the documentary that it aims for.

For the production of a new type of documentary called factual entertainment, ‘Faktura,’ a documentary production company, and ‘Mushroom Company,’ led by Lee Ye-ji and Kim Sun-hyeong, who have been directing show entertainment programs for a long time, jointly participated in the production.

Ahead of the first episode, which will be released on the 26th, the production team said, “it is special in that documentary elements, and artistic beauty are properly blended so that you can look at the entire K-pop culture rather than just telling a fragmentary story of K-pop.” As it is produced as a K-pop documentary series, I hope it will be filled with exciting content and enjoyed by many beyond K-pop fans.”

Teabing’s original documentary is a factual entertainment that deals with K-pop, which is at the center of global culture, from various angles, from artists to experts in each field and fandom. Through this, we plan to provide an experience that allows you to think more deeply about K-pop.

Teabing’s original documentary ‘K-Pop Generation’ will be released for the first time at 4 pm on the 26th.

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