Even after the end of the broadcast, the popularity continues, and the ‘Odd Taxi Official Book’ will be reprinted!

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Tokyo News Service Ltd., which publishes TV information magazines such as “TV Guide,” has decided to reprint “Odd Taxi Official Book” in response to good sales. You can purchase it at bookstores and online bookstores nationwide.

The reprint of the official book that summarizes the whole picture of “Odd Taxi,” which is also famous as “Hegemony Anime” in the April 2021 period, has been decided.

Kazuya Konomoto, who worked on “Setoutsumi” and “Black School Rules,” was the first to write the script for the original animation, and Mugi Kinoshita was the first director. The story is a topic. In addition, talented voice actors such as Natsuki Hanae, who starred, Miki, Diane, Trendy Angel Takashi, and actor Mahiro Takasugi are in charge of voice actors. In the official book, the charm of the work is unraveled from six perspectives.

In “1. CHARACTER”, all 27 characters are introduced. We have compiled new information that will be released for the first time in this book, such as your favorite foods and how to spend your holidays. In addition, the initial setting image is also open to the public over six pages.

“2. INTERVIEW” covers Natsuki Hanae, Mahiro Takasugi, Ryohei Kimura, Soma Saito, and Diane. In addition, interviews with directors, screenwriters, and producers are posted. I heard the charm of this work that each person thinks.

In “3. STORY”, in addition to the synopsis of all 13 episodes, deputy director Norio Nitta and the directors explain each episode. Don’t miss the audio drama published on YouTube and the top-secret memo summarizing the entire incident in chronological order.
In “4. ARTWORKS”, the art settings such as the house where the characters live are released at once.

In “5. MUSIC”, a talk between PUNPEE, who was in charge of the music accompanying the play, VaVa, and OMSB was realized. In addition, we will introduce plenty of music fields that have received high praise from inside and outside the industry, such as music video commentary for the opening song “ODD TAXI” and opening / ending animation.

In “6. SPECIAL FEATURE”, METEOR, who will play the popular character Yano and will release the EP work “2019” on July 21st (Wednesday), will deliver a unique project to explain the rap. In addition, the actual appearance of the characters is revealed in traditional Chinese bookbinding. The story from Yano’s point of view, written by Kazuya Konomoto, which is the centerpiece of this book, depicts an important episode from the encounter with Dobu to the breakup, and the day before the disappearance of a girl, in a full-length rap.

From 17:00 on July 15th (Thursday), “‘Odd Taxi’ ON AIR Tired SUMMER & You can still enjoy the day after tomorrow and the day after tomorrow! Highlights retrospective SP event” will be held online. Natsuki Hanae, Diane, Trendy Angel Takashi, Girly Records, Tony Frank, and Tianjin Mukai are scheduled to appear.

In addition, the “Odd Taxi” Blu-ray BOX project “ODDTAXI” has started. The specifications change according to the number of Blu-ray BOX applications.

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