Fans are excited about the stylish title of ‘Funeral Freelen’: ‘It’s a divine anime!’ Surprised by the strength of Freelen

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The 8th episode of the TV anime Furairen” was broadcast on the Nippon Television slotFRIDAY ANIME NIGHT” on the 27th.

Episode 8, “Funeral Freelen,” tries to unleash magic on Lugner and his friends who serve the demon Aura, who has proposed peace to Count Granat. As a result, Freelen is captured and thrown into prison. Rugner considers Freelen dangerous, and Dorato, who is also under Aura’s command, aims for Freelen’s life. Fern and Stark also take action to save Freelen.

From the previous episode, “Aura of the Guillotine” has started broadcasting, featuring Aura (voice: Ayana Taketatsu), the “seven samurai sages” under the direct command of the Demon King, and her subordinates Lugner (voice: Junichi Suwabe), Linie (voice: Mainaka Iwami) ), Dorato (voice: Koki Osuzu) confronts Freeren and the others and engages in a fierce battle. What does the subtitle Funeral Freeren” mean? When it was published in Weekly Shonen Sunday,” it was a famous episode with readers saying, “Amazingly, this title was collected.”

From the beginning, Freelen and Dorat fight against each other, and Freelen instantly kills Dorat, saying, First, I’ll take on one animal…” In the end, Freelen and Aura confront each other, and the title of the subtitleFuneral Freelen” is retrieved.

People on the internet were excited and surprised at Freeren’s strength, with comments such as Freelen-san, you’re too strong!”, It’s crazy to come here and collect the title,” and ” “It’s a god anime that collects the title in a battle episode!”

Furthermore, in the visual released in September 2022, when the anime was decided, the main character, Freelen, was depicted holding a cane and looking at something with a shining moon in the background. Freelen appears in the same composition in this broadcast, and her stylish direction has also become a hot topic.

This work is based on the manga of the same name that has been serialized in Weekly Shonen Sunday since April 2020 and is a “sequel fantasy” that depicts what happened to the group of heroes who defeated the Demon King. It is a story in which the wizard Elf Freelen goes on a new adventure with his new friends in a world after the hero’s death.

The story, which unfolds in an innovative chronological order “after the defeat of the Demon King,” is woven by characters, including heart-rending drama and dialogue, battles with magic and swords, and humor that will make you laugh, and has won many readers. It is a famous work that won the grand prize at the Manga Awards 2021, and the comics have sold over 11 million copies.

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