The sharpness is more than ‘Oshinoko’! Are you watching the spring 2023 anime with the theme of religion, ‘Kami-sama activities in the world without gods’?

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“Pushing child” is the best. I bought the original and have recommended it to many people. The anime is also a series of divine drawings; the theme song is YOASOBI, which is exciting now, and the first episode is 1 hour and 22 minutes. Is it a movie? This costs money. The spirit of the production to make it an absolute hit is transmitted.

Therefore, the big favorite of the spring 2023 anime was “Oshi no Ko.” This season, only “My Favorite Child” won. That’s what I thought, but now, one month before the end of the spring anime, there is another work I’m looking forward to more than “Oshi no Ko.” That is, “Kamisama activities in a world without gods.”

First, the drawing is overwhelmingly better in “Oshi no Ko.” So, for those who want to see such a production without any gaps, I can not recommend “Godless Sekai no Kamisama Activity.” Then, when it says why I thought this work was good, it is nothing but a story’s power.

The main character, Yukito Urabe, was born as the son of a certain cult. There is no concept of God, and the emperor rules the world. Seito was reincarnated in a village called “Kakuri,” where people exiled from the imperial capital lived.

The residents of the imperial capital discriminate against the people of Kakuri. There is a decisive difference in the mental structure between the people of the imperial capital and the people of Kakuri. Only the people of Kakuri have desires. Seito comes up with the idea of ​​starting a religion to protect Kakuri, but as the cult grows, the secrets of this world are revealed…

Current affairs
“Oshi no Ko” also cuts realistically, and if it’s something, it’s going up in flames, but this anime is also quite good now. Because Kami-naki Sekai no Kami-sama Activities is a spring anime, it started in April, but the news of Ryuho Okawa’s death came out on March 2nd.

I once heard from a producer that it takes about two years to make an anime, and since people don’t know when they’ll die, the timing is just a coincidence. That said, there was also the issue of the Unification Church. Since the broadcast started amid increasing attention to religion, I didn’t think, “Is it the usual reincarnation in another world?”

This is not a religious hymn.
Curious, I started watching it, but it could be better content. Even if I make a mistake, it doesn’t feel like “religion is great” or “God is awesome.” When I interviewed Ms. Yoshiko Sengen, I was watching an animated movie made by Happy Science, but the content was different from that kind of thing. Well, it’s obvious, but it’s obvious.

Also, the content, like a black joke that is too hard, is a little interesting. At first, I was glancing at that feeling just to the point of being caught in the corner of my eye, but after all, I was reincarnated into another world. The grandeur of the story’s development is not the ratio of this world.

The only time I cried this season
The slowness and pace were comfortable, and it should have been killing time, but now I’m impatiently waiting for the delivery. I used to listen while looking at my smartphone, but directly I’m glued to my PC monitor. And finally, episode 8, delivered the other day, brought tears to my eyes.

I never thought this would be the first crying work this season, not “Oshi no Ko.” Too surprising for me. I still feel like I need more people to draw….!

Sharpness due to imperfection
God’s paintings are certainly overwhelming and easy to talk about. Furthermore, since I’m like a college student who entered the art department with painting, I understand the feeling of “Sugee!” Therefore, I couldn’t help but feel the fun of anime in “Godless World’s Kami-sama Activities” that surpassed them.

This work chooses the viewer but is imperfect and has sharp goodness. I thought Sharpness was a monopoly patent for “Oshi no Ko,” but I didn’t know that a work that surpassed Sharpness would come out with the same cool. I can still catch up with the number of episodes, so if you haven’t seen anything this season, please take a look.

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