Four difficult-to-read surname characters: ‘I can’t read!’ Even though it’s not a problematic Chinese character.

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Obfuscated surname characters who can write but cannot read

There are many surname characters in anime and manga that are easy but difficult to read. For example, Giboshi Geparuto from “Kameari Koenmae Hakkosho, Katsushika Ward” (author: Osamu Akimoto) and Yumeko Jabami from “Kakegurui” (Original: Homura Kawamoto). , “Inu x Boku SS” (Author: Cocoa Fujiwara), such as Miketsukami Soushi.

Other than that, characters with surnames that can be written but not read will usually appear. This article will introduce the obfuscated surname characters that “can be written but cannot be read”.

“Holic xxxHOLiC” April 1st Kimihiro

The main character’s name is written as April 1st and read as “Watanuki”, and registered as Kimihiro and read as “Kimihiro”. Before the Edo period, it was on April 1st (the lunar calendar) that the work of removing cotton from winter clothes was done, so it is said that it came to be used as “Watanuki”. It’s a beautiful custom that suggests spring. In the same work, Dodomeki and Kunogi, classmates on April 1st, are also obfuscated surnames that many people cannot read.

“Idolish Seven” Ryunosuke Tsuryu

“IDOLiSH7” is based on a game that nurtures idols. Among them, the reading of the surname of Ryunosuke Tsunari, a member of the three-member idol group “TRIGGER”, is “Tsunashi”. When counting something with two, only ten does not have “tsu”, so it seems that it came to be read as “tsunashi”. It’s a mystery why the numbers after ten don’t have “tsu”.

“I want to fall in love even with two middle-aged illnesses! 』May 7th Kumin

Kumin Tsuyuri, a senior of the main characters, loves to sleep. The origin of reading May 7th as “Tsuyuri” is that a rain-making event called the Tsuyuri Festival was held on May 7th (the lunar calendar). In addition, slightly unusual surnames such as Kotori Yu (Takanashi) and Komori (Dekomori) will appear in work.

“Wasteful Days of High School Girls”

The hero’s classmate, excellent grades, and a beautiful appearance. The reading is “Nino Mae Kanade”. Because of his too serious personality, he is called “serious” around him. One came to be called “Nino-mae” because it is before 2. However, it doesn’t seem to be before Mr. or Yon. Did you feel that Goro was worse than “Nino Mae”? I’m worried about the truth.

Which surname could you read? At first, I thought that the reading didn’t make sense, but once I knew the origin, it was just a reading that I could understand. It’s fun to understand the meaning, and I’m thrilled by the beautiful wordplay.

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