Yeonyeondae K-Pop and ‘GO! East!’ Participate in the campaign

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Yeonsung University (President Min-hee Kwon) and K-Pop held a ‘GO! East!’ I participated in the campaign on the 31st of last month.

In addition to the Gangwon-do governor, the heads of organizations in the affected area, and officials from related organizations such as the Korea Tourism Organization, various celebrities such as Kim Won-Hyo, Shim Jin-Hwa, Ali, Ahn Ye-Eun, and Mong-ni participated in the campaign.

The event was followed by screenings of promotional videos for areas affected by forest fires and a ceremony to encourage travel to Gangwon-do.

Yonsei University performed the ‘Go East’ flash mob in the final order, choreographed by K-Pop and Professor Stephanie and choreographed by K-Pop and 2022.

Jung-ah Lee, head of the K-pop department, said, “I hope that Yeondaedae’s warm heart will be delivered to the residents of Gangwon-do, who are going through a difficult time. The damage situation will be overcome as soon as possible. To this end, I will become a K-pop department at Yeonseongdae that continues various social contribution activities.”

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