Is there anything good about the original manga movie that was said to be a ‘failure’?

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Even in the live-action works that are often criticized, some scenes fascinate the audience.

Live-action movies of manga and anime continue to be made actively. Because a certain number of fans of the original work and a certain amount of profit can be expected, many live-action works of sh┼Źnen manga have been made, and they have been attracting attention from the stage of production announcement.

While there are live-action works such as “Death Note,” “Rurouni Kenshin,” and “Kingdom” that have been successful both in terms of entertainment and criticism, there are many criticisms from fans and critics, and they will be serialized. Many works did not act as a box office and did not follow.

Then, on the contrary, wasn’t there any shining part in the live-action movie that ended in a disappointing result? This time, I would like to select three movies from live-action movies with an average score of less than 3.0 (out of 5.0) on the primary movie review site “Filmarks” and dig up the attractiveness that deserves evaluation.

“Attack on Titan” two-part work

This is a live-action version of the popular manga “Attack on Titan” completed in 2021 as of 2015. Although director Tetsuya Nakashima of “Kamikaze Girls” and “Confession” was planning to drop the board, Shinji Higuchi, a special effects director of the “Heisei Gamera” series, will be the director.

Although the completed movie was a hit in both parts, various points were criticized, such as the actor’s acting not engaging, mystery settings, and original characters not in the original, and the mystery revealed in the second part is difficult to swallow. Became.

However, the scale of the image and the quality of the special effects should be evaluated. First of all, the way of showing the world view inside the vast “Wall Maria” including the location on “Gunkanjima” was not conspicuous between the live-action film and the CG, and it was firmly convincing.

Then, the destruction of the wall by the giant that appeared at the beginning, the despair of the human murder by the medium-sized giants who had flowed in by it, and Ellen awakened at the end of the first part and turned into a giant and slaughtered the enemy giants one after another. The power of the battle scene is unforgettable.

Although it was a large-scale masterpiece in Japanese movies, such as the cruel expression that attacked the last minute of PG12 and the discomfort of the giants, it can be evaluated that it has not lost its “bad taste” in a good sense.


Shinsuke Sato, who has succeeded in “GANTZ” and “I Am a Hero” in the movie adaptation of Weekly Shonen Jump’s popular manga, was expected to be the director. Still, it was 500 million in the box office. Considering the yen, probably the production cost, and the scale of promotion and publication, it seems that it has become a failure. For some reason, the acting of significant characters such as Rukia, whose hairstyle is different from the original. The script that summarizes the contents up to the 8th volume of the original in a hurry became the subject of criticism.

However, in the world of the Japanese movie, there is only director Sato who has a reputation for CG and action, and the power of the swashbuckler with Ichigo vs. Grand Fisher in front of the climax station Renji Abarai & Byakuya Kuchiki is quite quality. Was. The fusion of live-action and CG does not seem strange, and I think those who read the original were satisfied with the manners and visuals of Renji Abarai, Taichi Saotome, and Shiraya, MIYAVI.

If I had drawn the “Soul Society,” which would make the story even more exciting, I wouldn’t have had enough scale and budget, so I think it’s a reasonable decision to finish it with the “Bleach Act.” As of the year, there is no information that a sequel will be made in the live-action version, as long as it is a waste.

“Ashita, no, Joe.”

Since boxing is the subject, it should be more realistic and accessible to make than the above two works, but it seems that the hurdle to live-action was high because it is a masterpiece with many fans who have a strong feeling for it.

The completed movie was a decent hit of 1.1 billion yen, but the evaluation is not good from its release to the present. Aside from Teruyuki Kagawa, who plays the role of Danpei Tange, who is too “many,” for some reason, Yoko Shiraki is from Doya Street, and Manmoth Nishi has been just a supporter from the beginning. Was not a few.

However, I think everyone in the audience was surprised at the physical modification of Tomohisa Yamashita, who plays the central role of Joe, and Yusuke Iseya, who plays the role of Rikishi. In particular, Mr. Iseya’s crazy role-making that reproduces the power stone that loses weight unreasonably for the conversion from featherweight to bantamweight as the original without using CG is terrible. It gives off a strange atmosphere even through the screen. I was there. The final match between the two actors’ bodies, which are persuasive, is worth a look.

The live-action movie based on the manga is a project that is easily exposed to criticism so that enthusiastic fans of the original work sometimes criticize the stance that “it is not necessary to make it in the first place.” Even so, live-action works are being made more and more, and next year 2022 alone, “Holic xxxHOLiC,” “Usogui,” “Osomatsu-san,” etc., are scheduled to be released. It may be just right for the viewer to enjoy “manga is manga, movies are movies,” but the reality is that it is difficult to do so with your favorite work.

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