‘Golden Kamuy’ Exhibition will be held in April 2022. More than 120 illustrations.

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The exhibition “Golden Kamui Exhibition” of Satoru Noda’s manga “Golden Kamui” serialized in “Weekly Young Jump” (Shueisha), will be held from April 28 to June 26, 2022, at Tokyo Dome City Gallery AaMo (Tokyo). It turned out that it will be held in Bunkyo Ward). In addition to more than 120 illustrations, many related materials such as Ainu folk implement materials will be exhibited. You can also enjoy a space where you can relive the journey of Saichi Sugimoto and Ashi (Ri) pa. We also plan to make tours nationwide, including Kyoto and Fukuoka.

In the “Weekly Young Jump” 2022 issue 3 released on December 16, commemorating the 300th episode of the series, Mr. Noda and actor Hiroshi Fujioka plan to talk about the work while eating brown bear dishes and published in the. The appendix is ​​”Golden Kamuy 2021 SP Calendar”.

“Golden Kamuy” is a manga serialized in “Weekly Young Jump” since 2014. “Immortal Sugimoto,” who once played an active part in the Russo-Japanese War, grabs a clue to the buried treasure hidden by a convict on death row in Hokkaido and depicts an adventure with Ainu girls. It was also talked about that this manga was selected as the 2nd place in “2016 Manga Edition”, the 1st place in “Manga Award 2016”, and the Social Impact Award in “24th Cultural Agency Media Arts Festival Manga Division”. .. The latest 28 volumes of comics will be released on December 17. The cumulative circulation of the series is over 18 million.

The first period of TV animation was broadcast from April to June 2018. The second period was broadcast from October to December of the same year. The third period was broadcast from October to December 2020. It has also been announced that the fourth term will be produced.

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