‘Grandpa Carl’s Flying House’ Uncut Broadcast on Friday Roadshow! Commemorating the release of a new short film

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In commemoration of the release of Disney & Pixar’s latest work, ” My Element ” and the short film ” Date of Grandpa Carl, “Grandpa Carl’s Flying House ” will be shown on NTV’s “Friday Road Show.” It was decided that the full-length uncut broadcast would be on August 4, the release day.

This work by director Pete Docter of ” Monsters, Inc. ” won the Best Animated Feature and Best Original Score at the 82nd Academy Awards in 2010. At the same time, as an anime, it was nominated for the second best picture award in history since ” Beauty and the Beast ” in 1991.

To fulfill his promise to his late wife, 78-year-old Carl attaches many balloons to his house and heads for the promised land. The new work ” Grandpa Carl’s Date ” depicts the “after” of this work and is a work that will be the “culmination” of Grandpa Carl.

Uncle Carl has lived alone in a house full of memories since his wife died. Two childhood friends admired the adventurer Charles Mantz and promised to go to South America’s “Paradise Falls.” One day, to fulfill his promise, Carl ties countless balloons to a familiar house and heads for the sky to a waterfall. An adventure journey begins with Russell, a boy who happens to ride in a flying house, and Doug, a mysterious dog he meets in South America.

Uncle Karl

He is a man of few words and is considered stubborn by those around him. From an early age, he admired the adventurer Charles Mantz and dreamed of adventure trips to unseen worlds.


Uncle Karl’s wife. In contrast to Uncle Carl, he is talkative and cheerful. He’s the bright, leading type. He is a childhood friend who loves adventures, so he hit it off with Grandpa Carl and married. They lived happily together.

Boy Russell

A curious Boy Scout boy. He persistently visits Uncle Carl to obtain the “elderly helper badge.” He happened to board a flying house and decided to go on an adventure together.


I met a mysterious dog that speaks a human language in South America. He accompanies Grandpa Carl on his adventures.

One of the charms of this work is the half-life of Grandpa Carl drawn at the beginning. When he was a child dreaming of being an adventurer, he met Ellie, promised to go to the waterfall of her dreams, married, built a house, lived in harmony, and finally, until Ellie took her last breath. It is a wonderful scene where you can see that the memories and happiness of the two are tightly packed in this house.

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