Gunpla ‘HG 1/144 Gundam Aerial’ Review

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This time, we will be reviewing the HG series Gunpla of the mobile suit “Gundam Aerial” piloted by the main character “Sleta Mercury” of the new TV series “Mobile Suit Gundam Witch of Mercury,” which began broadcasting on October 2, 2022. At the time of this review, we have just finished the prequel, episodes 1 and 2. Still, the heavy content of the prequel has completely changed, and fans have been overwhelmed from the beginning by the gap between the content reminiscent of the school in the first episode. Isn’t there a lot of them?

The worldview, the relationship between the new characters that appear in each episode, and even the story are still unknown. For example, what is each mobile suit, and what is “Gundam” in this world… What is the relationship between Erikt and Surette from the prequel? And so on, every week is an exciting development, and the opening by “YOASOBI” is trendy. After the broadcast, it has become a super topical Gundam, winning the number one trend on Twitter.

I’m glued to a Gundam that hasn’t been developed recently… I thought I’d write an article with all my might from here, but the editorial department seemed to reject it immediately, so I’d like to enter the Gunpla review quietly. The HG 1/144 Gundam Aerial'' released on October 1, the day before episode 1 aired, seems to be the successor to theHG 1/144 Gundam Lubris” released earlier (still, It is not stated clearly), so you can see that the equipment and design of Lubris are inherited here and there.

HG Lubris has a design concept that seems to be ENTRY GRADE + α, and it has both ease of assembly and details that make you feel that it exceeds the HG class. Its movable performance felt the history of Gundam evolution. HG Aerial inherits that idea and seems to realize an even more detailed division of parts. On top of that, like HG Lubris, there appears to be a change in style and high play value due to transcendental movement and bit stave.

“Now let’s review the “HG 1/144 Gundam Aerial” kit.” Like HG Libris, this HG aerial gives the impression that the anime and its commercialization process are tightly integrated. There is also a beautiful chest shell unit expression by in-mold molding. I want to enjoy it.

“HG 1/144 Gundam Aerial” Review Table of Contents

Aerial… it’s mine! Mercury-chan’s Gunpla Appears
Aerial is not just HG! Designed to exceed HG Lubris
If you advance, you can get two! HG aerials are very satisfying to play together!

Check out the contents of the “HG 1/144 Gundam Aerial” package!

“Let’s check the contents of the package.” The package has a standard design for the “Witch of Mercury HG series” and has a white base with blue decorations. There are seven runners from A to F, but only four full-size runners. You can see that the way to divide the parts was efficiently considered from the design stage. It consists of an in-mold shell unit, beam saber and blade, foil seal, and assembly instructions.

A special mention is the F runner’s “in-mold molding” product. Lubris and Aerial have a gimmick in which the chest armor (shell unit) shines in a line and is reproduced. “In-mold molding” is a technique in which a printed film is sandwiched between runners during molding, eliminating the need for conventional painting and decal pasting after completion, making the finish even more precise and beautiful.

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