Himi Folklore Animation ‘Abugashima Orochi’ Mukashibanashi Collaborative Production

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The “Japan Mukashibanashi Association” (Tokyo) will produce “Abugashima Orochi” in Himi City as part of the “Umi no Folktale Town Project,” which is an animation of folktales related to the sea in various places. Has been decided. On the 3rd, chief animation producer Yunosuke Numata and others visited the city hall, where the superintendent of education, Tetsuya Kamanaka, received a certificate of “Umi no Minwa no Machi.”

The project started in 2018. With the support of the Nippon Foundation, 27 episodes set in Uozu and other cities were created last year. This year, the folktales of 15 cities, towns, and villages, including Himi, will be animated. We will produce it by the end of the year and have screenings and product development by next spring.

“Abugashima no Orochi” is set on Abugashima Island off the coast of Himi City (prefectural designated scenic spot and natural monument) and arranged in one of the four patterns of folk tales. The freshwater spring on the island is connected to the lotus pond on Mt. Isurugi, where baby snakes visit in summer. The content is that the parent Orochi got angry and harmed the young man who arrived at the island and approached the spring. 50 cuts, about 5 minutes outlook.

Numata said, “I often learn about folktales through anime. I want my children to see them.” Superintendent Kamanaka said, “I hope that children will inherit the goodness of the local area.” (Kazunari Obata)

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