‘Hiropuri’ Go to the zoo! ‘Fateful Child’ L-chan’s Special Power Episode 25 Synopsis of New Assassin Appearance

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The 20th work of the new series of the popular anime “Pretty Cure,” “Spreading Sky! Pretty Cure” (ABC TV/TV Asahi, every Sunday at 8:30), has released the 25th episode scene cut and synopsis. 23rd, Sora (voice: Sekine Akira) returned to Solaseed City after receiving L (voice: Koga Aoi) from the king and queen.

Sora, Mashiro (voice: Ai Kakuma), and Tsubasa (voice: Ayumu Murase) are at a loss as to whether they can continue to live with Eru, the “destined child” who will save Skyland.

Meanwhile, Ageha (voice: Ayaka Nanase) gets in her car, and everyone goes to Solaseed Nature Park, where many animals exist. Sora and the others discover that Elle can talk to animals while looking around at capybaras, elephants, and giraffes.

She consults with Elle, who has extraordinary power, so maybe she should be more careful about what she eats and learns, but Ageha’s words make her reconsider.

After that, Sora and his friends spend time with guinea pigs and rabbits at the petting corner of the park, but suddenly the animals get scared.

Sensing something strange, Sora and the others rushed to the square, and a new assassin from the Anderg Empire, Minoton, appeared.

“Expanding Sky! The motif of Pretty Cure is the endless sky, and the theme is the Hero. The story unfolds in two cities, the sky world “Skyland” and the nature-filled “Solaseed City,” where new Pretty Cures play an active role.

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