‘Hiropuri’ Mysterious light appears from L’s chest! The secret is revealed. Episode 24 Synopsis & scene cut release.

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The 20th work of the new series of the popular anime “Pretty Cure,” “Spreading Sky! Pretty Cure” (ABC TV/TV Asahi, every Sunday at 8:30), the 24th episode scene cut & synopsis has been released.

The 24th episode, “The shining first star ☆ El-chan’s Secret,” broadcasted on the 16th, uses the sparkling energy collected in the mirror pad. Finally, the glitter potion is completed.

Sora (voice: Akira Sekine) and other Pretty Cures, who lifted the curse of the king and queen and rescued Sharara, are welcomed as “heroes” by the people of Skyland, and the city is bustling with excitement. Furthermore, a Pretty Cure parade led by the Blue Guard will be held in the square.

While Mashiro (voice: Ai Kakuma) practices hard for the parade, Sora talks with Shalala. At the castle, L (voice: Koga Aoi) spends time with the king and queen without family for the first time in a long time.

When Elle poses as a Pretty Cure while showing the picture she drew to them, a mysterious purple light appears from Elle’s chest. After experiencing new experiences in Skyland, Mashiro feels that the events he has experienced are miraculous.

“Expanding Sky! The motif of Pretty Cure is the endless sky, and the theme is the Hero. The story unfolds in two cities, the sky world “Skyland” and the nature-enclosed “Solaseed City,” in which new Pretty Cures play an active role.

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