‘Isekai One Turn Kill Unnie’ animation project in progress

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The 7th volume of the manga “Isekai One Turn Kill Sister-I started living in a different world with my sister-” serialized in the manga service “Sunday Webry” was released on the 11th, and an animation project is underway in the band. It was announced that it was inside.

The story is about a hero reincarnated in a different world with a ponkotsu status, laughing, fighting, and having a big adventure with his sister with the most potent quality.

Asahi Ikusaba is a boy who travelled to another world in the wake of an accident in the real world. He tries to enjoy the different world he dreamed of, but his status is the weakest. In addition, a big pinch is attacked by a vicious monster! ?? It was his sister, Mayu Ikusaba, who loved his younger brother, who saved him. After her love for the morning sun, she has reincarnated in another world. She has the most vital ability in another world …? A different world life story is drawn by the strongest brother of Bracon in another world and the younger brother of the weakest parameter. He receives the patronage of her sister.

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