‘Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba’ Why was the lone swordsman, Tokito Muichiro, able to ‘smile’? An ‘important scene’ depicted only in the anime

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The following content contains spoilers from the anime and previously published comics. In the anime Pillar Training Arc, we witness significant changes in the Demon Slayer Corps. Episode 4, with its plethora of anime-original scenes, unveils a new facet of the Mist Pillar, Tokito Muichiro. His acerbic wit remains, but we also get glimpses of his genuine emotions, marking a crucial point in his character development.

Furthermore, there’s a poignant scene where he displays a ‘smile’ absent since his initiation as a swordsman. Muichiro’s life has been a relentless pursuit of ‘strength,’ leading him to forsake friendships and youthful joys. The ‘new change’ that has befallen him is a turning point in his emotional journey, and we delve into this in episode 4 of the anime.

The “poisonous tongue” of the Mist Pillar, Tokito Muichiro The Mist Pillar, Tokito Muichiro, is the youngest “pillar” in the Demon Slayer Corps and is famous as a solitary genius swordsman. On the other hand, he is harsh regarding words towards others, and in the “Swordsmith Village Arc,” he also hurls harsh words at the young swordsmith Kotetsu and his junior swordsman Tanjiro. “Swordsmiths can’t fight, they can’t save people’s lives, they can only make weapons,” and “I don’t have time to deal with the pointless talk” (Tokito Muichiro/Volume 12, Chapter 102). He calls the swordsmiths much older than him “Kanamori” and “Haganezuka” by their first names, and he lacks gratitude and respect for them. He aims to “become stronger,” and because he is too strict with himself, he is always impatient and cannot be considerate of those around him. That was the Muichiro of the past.

Muichiro has become a little kinder during the Pillar training. Muichiro repeatedly repeats the words “Yes, you’re dead” while mercilessly attacking the other members (although he holds back). It is unbearable for the ordinary sworders who are receiving the techniques.

However, Muichiro’s harsh words are slightly different from the “poisonous words” he has uttered. During training, he admonishes the members that it is no good to “attack with emotion” and tells them that the purpose of training is “to have the ability to survive.”

Although it is a scene not in the original work, Muichiro also reveals his true feelings. “I don’t want you to be killed by demons” (Tokito Muichiro/Episode 4 of “Pillar Training Arc”). Despite being only 14 years old, Muichiro wishes for them to “live long if possible.” He must have never imagined living a long life as his future self.

As a Pillar, that will not change as he is in the most dangerous place in the Demon Slayer Corps. But even so, little by little, Muichiro begins to show “signs of change” towards others. Feelings towards the swordsmiths In the past, Muichiro was bound by the values ​​of “me fighting as a Pillar/everyone else.” He was also anxious about the incompleteness of his body, which was still in the process of growing.

This was why he was abnormally irritated by others who took away his time to train. However, after the battle at the Swordsmith Village, Muichiro began to turn his attention to the people who supported him. The first thing he noticed was the help he received from the swordsmiths. “Thank you, Tetsuanamori-san, for making a sword for me,” such words began to come out of Muichiro’s mouth naturally.

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